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Crooked Creek
Crooked Creek is the third largest of the western creeks and holds a good population of steelhead. Its mouth is located east of Holiday Road (Township Road 342) and Virginia's Beach, and north of Camp Fitch. Exiting Interstate 90 at the East Springfield exit (Exit 2; Route 215) and traveling north on Route 215 will take you to the lower reaches of Crooked Creek. Turning east from Route 215 onto either Route 20 or Route 5 will take you over the creek.

Overhead view of Crooked CreekCrooked Creek is an stocked trout water, and is stocked from its mouth upstream to Glosky Road off Lexington Road (the second road south of Interstate 90).

The area from the Ables Road bridge south to Happy Valley Road is the most popular area to fish. This area flows mostly through woods and has a reasonably good flow rate. Above Route 5 there a portions of the creek that are narrow and brushy.

Because it flows through farm fields, after rain or a snow melt Crooked Creek is often the first creek to discolor and the last to clear. It can also be low and slow when the conditions at Elk and Walnut are better. Crooked Creek frequently does not experience the fishing pressure Elk and Walnut receive.

Crooked Creek upstream from Ables RoadThere is a good fishable area at the mouth, but you must park a distance west of the mouth and walk along the lake shore to get to the mouth of the creek. Drive to the very end of Holliday Road to the Virginia's Beach Campground. Park along the roadway just south of the No Parking signs. Although there are cottages and a road going east toward the creek, you cannot get all the way to the creek on this road without running into posted property. You must walk down to the lakeshore and walk along the beach to the mouth. You can fish at the mouth and a short distance upstream to where it is posted. Upstream are nursery waters in which you cannot fish. The nursery waters extend through Camp Fitch and up to the first bridge at Ables Road.

The first upstream access point is at the Ables Road bridge. You can fish from the bridge upstream; downstream is the nursery waters where fishing is prohibited. There is also very limited parking along the East side of Holiday Road between Ables Road and the railroad tracks at a small pull-off as you are heading down the hill. A trail will take you down to the creek.

The next access point is at the Conrail tracks. You can park along the tracks and walk down to the creek. It is very difficult to get through the tubes here and you may have to walk up and over the tracks to access the other side. You can also park on Route 5 just east of the creek and walk down to the creek and fish either upstream or downstream (although going downstream you will hit the Conrail tubes quickly).

Glosky Hole on Crooked CreekThere is limited parking available at the Happy Valley Road bridge and you can fish upstream or downstream from here. The next access point is at the Route 20 bridge. Although you can fish upstream or down, it is brushy upstream and the creek branches off a short distance upstream from Route 20. You can fish the West branch by parking at the intersection of Tubbs and Springfield Roads.

The upper-most access points are south of Route 90. The first access is at the Springfield Road bridge. Here there is a tube under the road, a significant waterfall at the tube, and a sizable pool just below the waterfall. The upper-most access point is at the Glosky Road bridge, which is a short distance upstream from the Springfield Road bridge.

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