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Conneaut Creek
Conneaut Creek is the stream furthest to the west in Erie County. The mouth of this creek is at Conneaut Harbor in Conneaut, Ohio. It is stocked with steelhead by both Ohio and Pennsylvania fish authorities and by PFBC Cooperative Nurseries. Much of this creek is located in Ohio. It enters Erie County south of Interstate 90 and a good distance south of the Lake, and winds through rural lands to beyond Albion, Pennsylvania. It is the only stocked trout water south of Erie within the county.

Overhead view of Conneaut CreekConneaut Creek is the only creek in this watershed that has areas which have a sand and dirt bottom, rather than a shale bottom like the remaining creeks. It drops-off quickly from its banks, and it can be hard to wade in many areas.

It holds bass and northern pike during the summer months. Steelhead run in Conneaut Creek as far south as Dicksonburg in Crawford County. Angler pressure on Conneaut Creek is relatively light. In addition to steelhead, Conneaut Creek has a very good fishery for muskellunge throughout its run through Erie County. Most fishing for musky is done in the summer and fall. Conneaut Creek also has a good walleye and largemouth bass fishery, although few specifically target these species in Conneaut Creek. The PFBC stocks this creek with musky, tiger musky and walleye.

There is no good access to Conneaut Creek on the north side along Clover Road. The 1st access point going east is at the bridge on Griffy Road. There is very limited parking on the southeast side of the bridge. There is also a nice pool under and just downstream of the bridge.

Conneaut CreekRoute 6N crosses Conneaut Creek twice in Erie County. At the first overpass to the west, there is ample parking all along the bridge on 6N. The shale cliff on the south side makes access somewhat difficult, especially on the southwest side.

Proceeding east, the next access point is on either side of McKee Road. Until recently there was a historic covered bridge where McKee Road crossed the creek. The bridge burned in the late 1990's. It has not been replaced and therefore McKee Road dead-ends at the creek from both directions. You can park and access the creek at either end of McKee Road, whether you come from the north off Old Albion Road, or from the south off Cherry Hill Road. Sometimes on the north side of the creek at the end of McKee you will find people camping near the creek - exactly why they are there is less than obvious.

Upstream from McKee Road the creek becomes more muddy and slow-moving, and the banks become more muddy and steep. The combination of steep banks and a muddy bottom makes wading difficult in many places downstream from McKee Road.

Conneaut Creek downstream from Rt 20The next access east of McKee Road is at Route 215. There is limited parking available at the northwest end of the bridge.

There is no easy access to the creek from Old Albion Road. There is also no parking along Cherry Hill Road where it passes over the creek. However, there is limited parking on Gage Road just east of Cherry Hill Road, and you can walk to the Cherry Hill Road bridge from here.

If you turn west on Hilltop Road, a short distance from Cherry Hill Road you will find a partially constructed road heading toward the creek. You can park here and walk down the trail to the creek, where you will find an old bridge abutment and a pool.

South of Hilltop Road the East Branch of Conneaut Creek and Temple Creek branch off to the east of the main stem.

Route 6N crosses Conneaut Creek a second time just west of Albion. There is limited parking on the northwest end of the bridge here.

The final access point is at Carter Road. There is ample parking along the bridge here. In this area the creek here passes through pleasant farm county.

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