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2006 Trout/Salmon Stamp
2006 STAMP
Subject Brook Trout
Artist Ned Smith
Medium Acrylic
No contest
More about the 2006 stamp
2005 STAMP
Subject Brown Trout
Artist Larry Tucci
Medium Acrylic
No contest
2005 Trout/Salmon Stamp - click for larger image
2004 Trout/Salmon Stamp
2004 STAMP
Subject Fall Trout Fishing
Artist Susan Bankey Yoder
Medium Acrylic
2nd Place Joseph R. Mattock
3rd Place of 50 Lorraine D. Bush
More about the 2004 contest
2003 STAMP
Subject Trout Fishing
Artist Christopher Leeper
Medium Acrylic
2nd Place Susan Bankey Yoder
3rd Place of 48 Paul Fenwick
More about the 2003 contest
2003 Trout/Salmon Stamp - click for larger image
2002 trout stamp
2002 STAMP
Subject Brown Trout
Artist Larry Tucci
Medium Acrylic
2nd Place Victor Young
3rd Place of 73 Susan Yoder
More about the 2002 contest
2001 STAMP
Subject Rainbow Trout
Artist Ron Jenkins
Medium Acrylic
2nd Place Ron Jenkins
3rd Place of 48 Christopher Leeper
More about the 2001 contest
2001 trout/salmon stamp

1991 - 2000 Stamps
Stamp Information header
Why do I need a stamp?
An actual stamp is no longer sold. Instead a trout/salmon permit is now available and is printed on today's licenses. This permit is legally required to fish for trout in Pennsylvania....more.

Where do I get one?
Licenses and permits are available from licensed issuing agents, at Commission offices, and are available online at The Outdoor Shop.

Are limited edition prints available?
Prints are no longer produced, 2006 was the last year for collector-quality stamps and prints. We no longer have prints available for purchase.

How was stamp and print artwork selected?
Most years the Commission held an art contest to select stamp artwork. Some years an artist was commissioned to do artwork.

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