H. R. Stackhouse
PFBC Training Center

H. R. Stackhouse School
1150 Spring Creek Road
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Fax: 814-355-3169
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H. R. Stackhouse School (now the classroom and recreation area) was completed by Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission in 1934. Its opening was coordinated with the first day of public fishing at Fisherman’s Paradise. The first use of the building was a Commission “Fish Warden School” held August 28 through September 1, 1934. Dedicated in the memory of Mr. H. R. Stackhouse, a former administrative secretary and acting executive director who served the Commission for 43 years, the current facility was remodeled and expanded to include residence rooms, a kitchen, library, recreation areas and conference room.

Fisherman’s Paradise, located on Spring Creek, is one of the most famous catch-and-release fishing areas in the Commonwealth. State College and The Pennsylvania State University, ten miles east on Route 26, offer an endless variety of restaurants, movie theatres, plays, concerts, and viewer and participant sporting activities.

Preference for use of the facility will be given for Commission functions. In the event the facility is not needed for a Commission function, it will be available to:

  • governmental entities having responsibility for fisheries management/research, boating, safety, water quality, conservation, environmental education or land use;
  • service and nonprofit organizations that promote or support the Commission’s mission; and
  • Pennsylvania Colleges/Universities or educational/scientific organizations engaged in projects having value to the Commission.

Lodging for non-Commission personnel must be in conjunction with an event taking place at the facility. There are fees for facility use and lodging.

Reservation requests must be submitted in written/electronic form in care of Property Services Section (fax: 814-359-5153; letter: 450 Robinson Lane, Bellefonte, PA, 16823-9620) and should include:

  1. date/time of arrival and departure;
  2. if the conference room, lodging and/or dining room are required;
  3. group size;
  4. nature of the meeting;
  5. name/address/phone number of the contact person and billing address.

Reservations from non-Commission users will not be honored more than 90 days in advance. Written confirmation will usually be provided within 10 days after the request is received and approved. The Fish and Boat Commission reserves the right to cancel in the event of an emergency situation.

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