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Map highlighting counties in the Southeast RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Andrew Desko (, Southeast Region Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – October 15, 2014
Bucks County

PFBC stocked the East Branch Perkiomen Creek and Levittown Lake with trout on October 7. Follow the Fall Trout Stocking Schedule online.

Delaware County

PFBC stocked Ridley Creek with trout on October 1. Try small size Caddis, Midges, BWOs, Wooly Buggers and terrestrials in the Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only Section.

N. Chester County

Marsh Creek: Panfish anglers continue to take Bluegills and Crappies with mealworms, wax worms and small jigs. Panfish are around structure along the shore. Bass anglers are successful with spinners and crankbaits. Use large black, purple or dark green and pumpkinseed rubber worms. The best live baits are crayfish, minnows and nightcrawlers. There have been no reports of anglers catching Muskellunge.

French Creek, Pickering Creek, East Brandywine and West Valley Creek are still low and clear. The East Brandywine Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only section is productive.  Trout are taking terrestrials and assorted nymphs. This is a Special Regulation Area and anglers cannot possess fish in this section. Anglers may not possess fish in the DHALO until June 15, 2015. Anglers may never possess bait in any of the Special Regulation Areas (FFO & DHALO). The French Creek Fly Fishing Only Area is catch & release. 

Schuylkill River: Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass fishing has picked up in the Black Rock area near the Cromby Power Plant outflow and the railroad bridge. Crankbaits and live bait are the best producers. Anglers continue to take large Flathead Catfish on Bluegills, shiners and nightcrawlers above and below the Black Rock Dam. Stay clear of the fish ladder area at the Black Rock Dam. Violators caught within 100’ of the fish ladder will receive a citation. Respect the river and wear a PFD while onboard a boat.

Philadelphia County

PFBC stocked Pennypack Creek with trout on October 9. Carry several types of bait as trout can change their appetites quickly. Try worms, mealworms, wax worms, minnows and paste bait. You might catch some panfish and Smallmouth Bass as well. Fish the Schuylkill River between Locust and Walnut along the Schuylkill Banks Trail for Channel Catfish with nightcrawlers, minnows and other live bait.

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Fishing and Boating Report – October 8, 2014
Southern Berks County

With the Oct. 3rd stocking of the Tulpehocken Creek and Scott’s Run Lake on Oct. 6th, there is plenty of opportunity to hook into some real nice rainbows and browns.  Spinners and wooly buggers are hot in the Tulpehocken Creek, and minnows and bait pastes are providing good action at the Scott’s Run Lake.  The current limit is three trout per day, except in the Special Regulations Area of the Tulpehocken Creek where all fish must be released and no bait is permitted.

Striper activity is picking up at Blue Marsh Lake with the cooler weather, try using a white or yellow bucktail to increase your chance at picking up a big fish.  Crappie fishing continues to be good with nice fish taken on live minnows and jigs fished over structure

Northern Chester County

Marsh Creek Lake: Bluegills and crappies are taking mealworms, wax worms, minnows and small jigs. Anglers are having the most successin and around structure along or near the shore.  Bass fishing reports have been somewhat mixed. Anglers catching bass have reported taking them on the usual: jigs, spinners and crankbaits as well as natural bait. Best colors to use are black, purple, pumpkin seed or dark green rubber worms. Best live baits are crayfish, minnows and nightcrawlers.

French, Pickering, East Brandywine and West Valley Creeks are low and clear. The cool nights have cooled the water temps and the trout fishing is beginning to improve. The East Brandywine DHAL section was stocked last week with some very nice trout. Anglers have reported catching them on terrestrials and nymphs. No fish may be had in your possession while fishing this section. 

Note: Remember, you may never have bait in your possession in any of the Special Regulation Areas (FFO & DHAL). The Fly Fishing Only Area is Catch & Release Only. And you may not possess fish in the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only Areas until June 15, 2015 

Schuylkill River: Smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing near the Cromby Power Plant outflow and near the Railroad bridge has been decent lately. Crankbaits and live bait are still the best producers.

Catfishing the past month has been very good, with fishermen taking large flatheads on bluegills and nightcrawlers. Channel Cats have been caught using the standard fare of chicken liver.

 When fishing at the Black Rock Dam stay clear of the fish ladder area. Violators caught within 100’ of the fish ladder will be cited. Respect the river and wear a PFD while onboard a boat.

Lehigh County

The Little Lehigh was stocked on Monday from Bogarts Bridge downstream to Martin Luther King Highway.  Also, there have been stockings from the Co-op nursery in the same section of stream and upstream of the hatchery.  These stockings combined should provide a great opportunity for some excellent fall trout fishing.

Northampton County

Minsi Lake is scheduled to be stocked on Friday, October 10th with a fresh batch of rainbow trout.  Make sure to get out and enjoy this great fall trout fishing opportunity!  Water levels in lake are lower due to the lack of recent rains, but there are plenty of areas to fish from shore.  Launching larger boats may be a problem so be careful.

Southern Montgomery & Western Philadelphia Counties

Juvenile Stripers below Fairmount Dam are active and biting; the size limit for Stripers is 28 inches on the Schuylkill River.  Anglers chasing channel cats are doing very well, with favorite baits being worms, chicken livers, pepperoni and cinnamon raisin bagels.

Reminder: Starting on November 1st, thru April 30, any person on all boats 16ft. in length or less and any canoe or kayak are required to wear a life jacket.

Western Schuylkill & Northern Berks

Fishermen are reporting increased action with panfish and bass on area lakes and streams.  The recent cooler weather should continue to improve the fishing in the region.  Currently, early mornings and evenings seem to be the most productive times for anglers targeting game fish throughout the region.

Blue Marsh Lake is in the process of being dropped to winter level, so please be careful of changing water levels.

Eastern Schuylkill County

Tuscarora Lake was stocked with brown and rainbow trout on October 2nd near the beach area of the lake.  Anglers struggled to catch fish the first two days after the fish were put in the lake but the trout are starting to hit more aggressively in recent days.  Worms and minnows have worked well throughout the day and some big brown trout were caught on jerkbaits.  

The perch are also hitting extremely well just off the lily pads in the western end of the lake.   Anglers are reporting large schools of perch hitting on worms and reports of a few musky in the area as well.  A few walleye have been caught while trolling with crankbaits or crawler harnesses and is expected to pick up as the weather continues to cool.

Locust Lake is starting to see trout gathering near the mouth of Locust Creek and should see more there in the next month.  Very few boats have been using the lake and only a handful of shoreline fisherman can be seen on the weekends.  Typically the bigger brown trout are caught from Locust Lake at the end of October to the beginning of November.

Little Schuylkill River continues to run very low and clear but still holds plenty of trout.  A few nice trout are holding in the Delayed Harvest area near New Ringgold and can be seen rising with some regularity.  Fishing pressure this time of year is minimal and this stretch can offer a good opportunity for a patient angler.

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Fishing and Boating Report – October 1, 2014
We start stocking trout this month in streams and lakes around the region. Follow the online trout-stocking schedule here to see when waters receive the fish.

There is less competition with other anglers in the fall as many Outdoors enthusiasts switch to hunting and football. Try minnows, earthworms, paste baits, corn kernels, mealworms and wax worms in the Approved Trout Waters where baits are allowed. Try taking as many of these baits as possible as trout change their appetites through the day. Spinners work well or small jigs with split-tail grub bodies for those anglers who do not like to use bait. Try white spinners in off-color water and darker colors in clear water conditions.

Lancaster County

NOTICE: Lake Clarke Drawdown
Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation, a hydroelectric generating station on the lower Susquehanna River, announced plans to draw down the water level in Lake Clarke above the Safe Harbor Dam. The purpose of this drawdown is to support an inspection of the dam as required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The drawdown will begin on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, lowering in stages until 8:00 am Thursday, October 9, 2014, when the lowest level will occur. This low level will be approximately six feet below the normal lake level, or 222.0 feet above mean sea level and will be held until 1:00 PM on Thursday, October 9, 2014. If staff cannot complete the inspection due to inclement weather, the Lake Clarke drawdown will be extended.

A return to normal lake levels will begin as early as Thursday at 1:00 PM, but no later than Sunday, October 12, 2014, at 1:00 PM. Contact the Hydro Schedulers at (717) 872-0230 with questions and concerns. Staff may postpone the inspection due to high river flow or inclement weather. More information will be available on the Lower Susquehanna Hotline 1-800-692-6328 as the date for drawdown approaches.

KIDS EXPO: Come out with your family and meet the District WCO at the Kids Expo sponsored by State Senator Lloyd Smucker.  The Senator is hosting this family-friendly event on Saturday, October 4 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at the McCaskey East High School Gymnasium [1051 Lehigh Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602].

Anglers and boaters are encouraged to stop by and meet the District Officer and express their concerns and questions directly.  Numerous PFBC publications will be available for both experienced anglers and boaters and those who are considering these rewarding outdoor pursuits Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth Publications for Educators and kids will be available as well.  Learn more about the many programs offered by the PFBC and local Southeast Region fishing and boating opportunities. Organizations looking for streamside clean-up projects are also encouraged to stop by.

Additionally, WCO Schmidt will have on hand three species of native reptiles afforded protection under the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Code, an Eastern Rat Snake, Eastern Milk Snake and a Painted Turtle. Individuals interested in assisting with Trout Float Stocking next spring are also encouraged to stop and express your interests in participating in stocking the District’s 13 Approved Trout Waters.

Mill Creek
Rock Bass
Michael Brown was fishing Mill Creek in Lancaster County Park with a Texas-rigged 3-inch senko worms, and caught fish including this Rock Bass

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