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Map highlighting counties in the Southeast RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Andrew Desko (, Southeast Region Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – May 4, 2016
Northern Chester County

Marsh Creek: Bluegills and crappies are taking the usual baits for this time of the year; meal and wax worms, minnows and small brightly colored jigs.  Bass have been taking jigs, spinners and crank baits. Best colors to use are large black, purple or dark green rubber worms and pumpkin seed. Best live baits right now are crayfish, minnows and night crawlers. It is illegal to target bass on their redds.

French, Pickering, East Brandywine and West Valley Creeks are low & warm for this time of year.  Water temps have been hovering in the low 60’s and fishing pressure has been very light which means there is still a lot of trout fishing left.   Spin fishermen have been doing well with spinner and small soft plastic baits. Bait fishermen are doing equally well with minnows & worms, while some are taking fish on small wax and mealworms.  Fly fishermen have reported taking trout on black caddis, stoneflies and midges. Small pheasant tail and hares ears nymphs are also producing good results for the fly fishermen.

A few Remembers: you may never have bait in your possession in any of the Special Regulation Areas, the Fly Fishing Only Area is Catch & Release only and you may not possess fish in the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only Areas until June 15.

Schuylkill River: In the Black Rock area both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass fishing near the Cromby Power Plant outflow has picked up. Crankbaits and live bait are still the best producers. There have also been cat fishermen who have caught channel cats on liver and flatheads on live bait.

Note: Stay clear of the fish ladder at Black Rock Dam. Violators caught fishing within 100’ of that area will be prosecuted. 

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Fishing and Boating Report – Apil 27, 2016
Bucks County

Trout: In-season spring stockings for Bucks County are almost finished. If you’ve missed the first part of trout season, there are plenty of opportunities for trout angling in Bucks and neighboring counties. Search trout stockings by county.
Nockamixon Lake: Bass are moving to shallow waters seeking habitat for breeding. Crappies have been biting for about 2 ½ weeks. Anglers targeting crappies have found fish around submerged timber and other man-made structure. Crappie jigs and live minnows are a popular bait choice. Anglers were catching tiger and purebred Muskellunge around edges of weed beds in 5 feet of water. Crankbaits and buzz baits are the popular lures here.

Delaware River: The American Shad run is still in full swing and anglers have been reporting a good year. New anglers targeting shad often ask the County WCOs where in the river to find shad. Good spots are not hard to find; just follow the other boats catching shad! In the tidal section, several anglers have reported that adult Striped Bass have been caught in the areas of Neshaminy State Park and the Bristol/Burlington Island area. Blood worms and clams are still the preferred bait.

S. Chester County

PFBC staff & a few helpers stocked the White Clay Creek, Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only, Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters on Monday, 4/25. There was a float barrel available for this stocking, but there were not enough helpers to wade the stream and float-stock. Please consider coming out to help us stock these trout streams. A particularly unique opportunity is that a blue trout ended up in the stocking truck, and was stocked into the stream. Here is a page on our website that explains this oddity:

The blue trout was a large 24 to 25 inch fish. Remember that if the fish is caught, then it will have to be limited to a photograph trophy as all fish must be returned to the water immediately and unharmed at this time.

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Fishing and Boating Report – Apil 21, 2016
Chester County

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission will offer two Basic Boating Courses at Hibernia Mansion at Hibernia County Park at 1 Park Road in Coatesville, Saturday May 21 from 9AM to 5PM, or a two night evening course during the week on Wednesday June 22nd and Thursday June 23rd with Officers Bonney & Benevento from 4 to 8PM. This course is required for anyone who desires to operate a PWC, personal watercraft. It is also required for anyone who was born after January 1st 1982, to operate a boat greater than 25 hp. Information to register is available on the web at

The White Clay Creek, East Branch Section 3, from the White Clay Creek Preserve Boundary to the mouth has been stocked with trout. The stocking locations for the White Clay East Branch Section 3, were Penn Green Road at the top of the Preserve Boundary at 39-46'24.2" North and 75-46'11.1" West, London Tract Road at 39-46'07.6" North and 75-45'54.2" West, and Yeatmans Station Road at 39-45'54.2" North and 75-45'45.8" West. Thanks to Forest for coordinating the stocking.

The White Clay Creek, East Branch Section 2, from SR357 (Wood View Road) to the White Clay Creek Preserve Boundary has been stocked with trout. The stocking locations for the White Clay East Branch Section 2, were Wood View Road Bridge at 39-50'26.4" North and 75-47'11.5" West, Glen Willow Orchard at 39-50'07.1" North and 75-47'21.2" West, Indian Run Road at Miller Drive at 39-49'05.8" North and 75-46'57.7" Indian Run Road at bend at 39-48'58.0" North and 75-46'59.7" West, Garden Station Bridge and Clay Creek Road at 39-48'09.2 North and 75-47'01.6 West, North Clay Creek Bridge and Church Hill Road at 39-47'51.2" North and 75-46'56.9" West, Auburn Road Bridge at 39-47'28.1" North and 75-46'15.4" West, Laurel Woods Road Bridge on Penn Green Road at 39-47'02.7" North and 75-46'29.4" West, Landenberg United Methodist Church Parking Lot at 39-46'42.0" North and 75-46'18.9" West, Thanks to Forest C. for coordinating the stocking, and Scott M. for running the floats.

The Buck Run Section 2 has been stocked. This will be the last in season stocking of the year. The stocking points are Old Mill Road at 39-58'38.5" North and 75-54'09.9", just downstream of business 30 at 39-58'51.3" North and 75-54'33.4" West, Octoraro Drive at 39-59'08.2" North and 75-54'37.0" West, on Quarry Road Bridge we utilized a float at 39-58'11.9" North and 75-53'37.9" West, Greenbelt Road Bridge at 39-57'58.7" North and 75-53'34,7" West and just upstream of West Bert Reel Park we also used a float at 39-57'49.4" North and 75-53'20.2" West.

The White Clay Creek Middle Branch Section 3 Delayed Harvest Area, the Pocopson Creek Section 2, and the White Clay Creek Section 1 will be stocked with trout on April 25. We will meet the big white stocking truck in the long lane across from the Sadsburyville Post Office at 11:30AM. Come on out to give a little something back, or to take a youngster on an adventure that they will remember for a lifetime.

Lancaster County

In-Season Stocking: On Wednesday, April 13, Conowingo Creek and Fishing Creek received an in-season plant of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

Significant sections of the Conowingo Creek were float stocked as per below:

Float-Stocked Sections of Stocked Trout Waters

Conowingo Creek

  • Downstream From Swift Road/Pilgrims Pathway Bridge
  • Downstream From The Goshen Mill Rd. Bridge
  • Downstream 2108 Robert Fulton Hwy. To Bridge

Goat Hill Road Bridge:  This section of the Conowingo Creek was not float-stocked due to lack of volunteer float stockers.

Anglers should be increasingly aware and demonstrate an appreciation that the county’s Stocked Trout Waters are done by a dedicated core group of individuals and the high school stocking teams that have been coordinated.  Anglers are encouraged to take an active role in assisting with the 3 stocking events remaining this season of Hammer Creek, Indian Run, Little Cocalico Creek, Little Muddy Creek and Middle Creek.

Anglers are advised to be careful where they are parking on the premises of Flahart Transport at 752 Nottingham Road, Peach Bottom and be mindful that the premises is an active trucking business.   Parking is acceptable along the lawn border; do not park in the truck yard. As always respect the lands and the landowner!

Trout stocking in Southern Lancaster County [South of Rt. 30] ended in the week of April 17 and four in-season stockings of Northern Lancaster County [North of Rt. 30] trout waters.

On Tuesday, April 19, the Conoy, Little Chiques and Little Conestoga creeks received their in-season stockings of Rainbow and Brown Trout.

On Thursday, April 21, the West Branch Octoraro Creek – Section #2 [ T-696 Bridge @ Mount Pleasant Road to 27 meters downstream of SR 472],  West Branch Octoraro Creek – Section #4 [and the West Branch Little Conestoga Creek, received an in-season plant of  Rainbow and Brown Trout.

West Branch Octoraro Creek - With its headwaters located at the confluence of Meeting House Creek and Nickel Mine Creek [at 149 Lamparter Road, Bart Twp.], the West Branch Octoraro Creek flows for an approximate 13 miles before entering the Chester Water Authority’s Octoraro Reservoir approximately 550 yards above the Spruce Grove Road bridge at the Municipal Boundary between Colerain and Little Britain Township.  The West Branch Octoraro Creek, Section 2 is an approximate 5 mile stretch of the creek.

On Thursday, April 14, Hammer Creek and Little Cocalico Creek received an in-season plant of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Hammer Creek[1] is a 19.2-mile-long (30.9 km)] tributary of Cocalico Creek.

Significant sections of the  Little Chiques Creek, Little Conestoga, West Branch Octoraro Creek, West Branch Little Conestoga Creek, and Hammer Creek  were float stocked as per below:

Float Stocked Sections of Stocked Trout Waters

Little Chiques Creek [4/19]

  • Downstream From Mt. Pleasant Rd. Bridge
  • Downstream From Dam At Cove Outlook Park

Little Conestoga Creek [4/19]

  • Downstream From Ppl/Sr. 72 Bridge

W. Br.Octoraro Creek –Section #2 & Section #4

  • Downstream From Mt. Pleasant Road – Covered Bridge
  • Downstream From Fairview Rd.
  • Downstream From Pa American – Pumping Station
  • Downstream From 700 Wesley Rd.

W. Br. Little Conestoga [4/21]

  • Downstream From Central Manor Rd. Bridge
  • Downstream From Former Wright’s Furniture

Hammer Creek [4-14]

  • Downstream From Michter’s Road Bridge
  • Downstream From Snavely Mill
  • Downstream From Carpenter Road Bridge
  • Downstream From Pine Hill Road

Pequea Creek

  • Downstream From The Mt. Vernon Rd. Bridge
  • Downstream From 5762 Buena Vista Rd.

Anglers are advised that several traditional stocking points have been eliminated. Specifically, in consideration of safety concerns and high-density traffic, the PFBC stocking truck is not stopping at Flory Mill on the Little Conestoga Creek.  Similarly, the stop on Snavely Mill Road at the crest of the hill [across from 45] on Section 4 of the Hammer Creek has been eliminated.  Float-stocking from upstream will result in the distribution of trout into these stream areas.

Angler Advisory:  West Branch Octoraro Creek – Run-of-the-River Dam:  Anglers who may wade in this area are cautioned to stay clear of the exclusionary zone as is indicated on the posted safety signage.  Anglers observed to be wade fishing within the defined exclusionary zone are subject to being cited. As for those who work the stream banks, be aware that consistent with PFBC policy, fish were not stocked within 200 yards of the dam.

Posted Property: The West Branch Octoraro Creek – The property at 95 Hollow Road, Quarryville; Bart Township, has been posted and will not be stocked. 

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