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Map highlighting counties in the Northcentral RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Amidea Daniel (, Northcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – July 27, 2016
Lycoming County

Channel CatfishJason caught this Channel Catfish on Pine Creek in Slate Run over the weekend.  (photo taken by WCO Lauer)

Elk County
Due to the lack of rain and drought conditions prevailing, fishing for trout is getting difficult.  Get into the headwaters of the mountain streams, which usually have more water and increased flow.  Wear dark clothing and be stealthy getting close to the stream.    Be patient and Good Luck. 

Tioga County

Our drought continues this week and it looks like most of the rest of the week will be dry too.  Mornings and evenings are fishing best.  Mid day temps in the low to mid 90's has made for a tough bite during the day. Fish have been much more active before 10AM and after 5PM.  

Bass are being caught on Hammond Lake on flappin’ hogs, brush hogs, beavers, and various other baits.  Green pumpkin and watermelon colors have been best.  Catfish are being caught after dark using crawlers, liver, and stink baits. Pleasure boat traffic and heat during the day have shut down the walleye/striper bite.

Cowanesque continues to be tough for many anglers, too.  Water levels are way down and much of the shallow structure is dried up.  Anglers doing best are fishing deeper ledges and humps with dropshot presentations.  Worms have worked well in green pumpkin, watermelon, and perch colors.  A few fish are being caught in the shallows as well on jigs, power worms, and various creature baits.  Again, green pumpkin type colors have been best, although some are being caught on firetail or hot-tail varieties, as well (natural body with bright pink or bright chartruese tips).  

Over on Tioga Lake, anglers are catching decent numbers of bass.  Anglers have fished it all week and have reported water levels are just fine, and much closer to normal than the other two lakes.  Access is not an issue.  That being said, wherever you fish, be aware of your surroundings!  Logs and sticks have popped up on all the lakes.  Here too, anglers are doing best on plastics, though many are being caught on crankbaits, as well.

Hills Creek is still fishing well for most.  Anglers are doing best very early in the morning using live shiners, worms, plastics, and topwater frogs for bass.  Bluegills, perch, and crappies are being caught on road runners, minnows, mealworms, and nightcrawlers.  Hills is still very weedy, too.  
Hamilton- Water levels are WAY down.  Launching a boat is not possible.  Canoes and kayaks are doable, though.  Anglers are catching bass and pickerel using topwater baits, plastics, jigs, and inline spinners.
Beechwood- Anglers continue to report Walleye, bass, and pickerel out of Beechwood.  Slow trolling has been best for a variety of fish; but live shiners, and topwater baits are also working.

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Fishing and Boating Report – July 20, 2016
Tioga County

The weather continues to be very hot and water levels on all of Tioga counties stocked trout waters, class A wild trout waters, and wilderness trout waters are very low. If you are a trout angler and are looking to pursue these fish, please be very careful when landing the trout, if you plan to release it, that you don’t kill the fish. Anglers have been having very good success trout fishing at night with large streamer patterns, surface disturbing lures, and wax worms.

The Smallmouth Bass and Walleye fishing has been the best in years on Pine Creek according to the Area Fisheries Manager and local anglers. Anglers have been picking up Walleye and Smallmouth Bass in the large deep pool on Big Pine Creek at night using 4 to 6 inch white crank baits and olive tubes.

Fishing on Beechwood Lake has been very good this summer. Recent creel checks and angler interactions have shown a very good number of Largemouth Bass, Walleye, and Panfish being caught and harvested on the lake. Fish have been caught at depths between 12 and 14 feet using worm harnesses with night crawlers and green fluoresce jigs.

Anglers fishing the Tioga River at the spillway have been reporting success catching Walleye, Channel Catfish, and Smallmouth Bass using large Creek Chubs, Shiners, and popper lures on fly rods and spin casting rigs.

If you are planning on going fishing, remember to buy a fishing license and become familiar with the rules and regulations. Also, boating season is at its peak, and boaters are encouraged to take a boater’s safety course, if they have not completed one. And, remember that all boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards must have a United States Coast Guard Approved life jacket on board. 

Clinton and Western Lycoming Counties

Hot weather has plagued Big Pine Creek for the majority of the summer and the water is hot and low. Stocked trout have found their way to the mouths of most cold water tributaries on Big Pine Creek and in particular within the Catch And Release All Tackle Section in Slate Run. It is not unlawful to fish for these fish in this section of Big Pine Creek, but anglers are being informed that all trout species in this specially regulated section of Big Pine Creek are protected from being harvested or killed. Anglers are encouraged when fishing in this section of water to use very good judgment on whether or not to fish for these trout and realize that it is unlawful to kill or release a fish unharmed in this specially regulated water.

Anglers are still picking up good numbers of stocked trout in Little Pine Lake and the Delayed Harvest section on Little Pine Creek. Success has been through the use of paste bait, salmon eggs, spinners, minnows, and trolling wet flies. Most of the success has been early in the morning and after dark.

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Fishing and Boating Report – July 13, 2016
Tioga County

It has been hot, humid and the county hasn’t gotten much rain over the last week; however, fishing on the lakes has been great!  The best fishing has been in the morning and evening.

Walleye fishing is going strong on Hammond, Tioga and Beechwood Lake.  Anglers are catching Walleye using crawler harnesses.  Most of the Walleye are being caught near the bottom.  Anglers using a bottom bouncer or 3 way rig and a .5-1.5 oz weight are having the best luck.  Colors that are working are silver, blue, purple, red/orange and chartreuse.  Yellow Perch, carp and a few Striped Bass are being caught using the same rig.

Upper Pine Creek- A small amount of rain fell over the weekend.  It was just enough to dampen the soil, but not enough to impact water levels. 

Anglers are catching bass using shallow running crankbaits and top-water techniques.

Hammond and Tioga Lake – Anglers are catching a few Striped Bass Hybrids using crankbaits, top-water and trolling techniques. The morning hours are best.

Anglers are catching bass using various plastics, shallow running crankbaits and top-water.  Evening is the best time to be on the water.  The bass are being caught near weeds and timber.

A few anglers are catching bass on top in the no wake zone and around the shorelines. 

Lots of big catfish are being caught this week! A number of catfish caught have measured at 30+ inches.  Cut bait, live shiners, night crawlers and stink baits are working best.  Most of the catfish are being caught in the late evening hours.  Look for deep holes with access to shallow water.  Areas like Mill Bay on Tioga Lake or the points near the swimming area on Hammond Lake are good places to start.

Anglers are also catching musky using live suckers, various crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Clinton County

West Branch Susquehanna River – Anglers are catching carp, Yellow Perch, catfish and Smallmouth Bass between Lock Haven and Jersey Shore.

Poppers, crank baits and spinners are working well for Smallmouth Bass.  Worms and crayfish are working well for Carp.  Yellow Perch are taking worms and minnows.

Centre County

Bald Eagle Creek – Anglers are catching trout using small, beadhead nymphs (e.g. green weenie; pheasant tail; prince; squirmy wormy).

Anglers are catching carp using crayfish, crayfish fly patterns and beadhead squirmy wormies.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake –  Anglers are catching Crappie near the causeway.  Minnows and small twister tails seem to be working best.  Anglers are also catching Channel Catfish near upper and lower greens run area.  Chicken livers are the bait of choice.

Bass are also being caught near submerged road beds around the lake.  Crank baits and poppers are working well.

Spring Creek- Anglers are catching trout using Trico mayflies in the morning hours.  Most of the trout are feeding subsurface.  Target shade lines and deeper pools. 

Anglers are catching trout using small nymphs throughout the day (e.g.  pheasant tail, bead head Frenchie, black zebra midge larvae, walt’s worm, sow bugs, green weenie). 

Terrestrials are also working (e.g. ants, beetles).

Keep an eye on water levels and temperatures here:
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