Trout Summit 2002

The Fish and Boat Commission hosted a "Trout Summit" in Harrisburg on Saturday, September 28, 2002.  On Friday, September 27, the Commission will host a meeting of staff with fisheries officials from some other states to discuss common problems and solutions.

The trout summit focused on issues related to trout management in Pennsylvania.  It gave the Commission staff the opportunity to brief leaders of statewide sportsmen and trout fishing groups, participants in past trout workgroups, and interested officials on important recent developments.  We were able to describe plans for implementing the comprehensive independent  review of the state's fish hatchery system conducted by FishPro Consulting Engineers.  We discussed some of the "big issues" related to Pennsylvania's trout programs: 

  • How many stocked trout of what size should be produced each year? 
  • How can we make sure our hatchery program supports water quality improvement goals?
  • How does our stocked trout program complement Pennsylvania's wild trout fisheries? 
  • What different approaches should our state be taking to managing trout for present and future generations of Pennsylvania anglers? 
  • How can we best fund programs that support trout fishing in Pennsylvania? 
  • What positive or negative impacts can stocking policies, such as announcing some in-season stockings, have on trout fishing opportunities? 
  • What are the views of Pennsylvania anglers about our trout fishing programs?

These and other important issues were on the table for discussion as speakers and panel discussions delve into the future of trout fishing in Pennsylvania. 

The "Trout Summit" followed up on issues raised at the sportsmen's forums and other meetings, in which the Commission was a participant during winter and spring 2002.

Click here for a wrap-up of the 2002 Trout Summit.


Trout Summit


Symposium for Officials

September 27, 2002

Workgroup/Focus Groups

September 28, 2002


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