Trout Summit 2002

Public Workgroup & Focus Groups

Saturday, September 28, 2002

         All briefings and large group meetings in Susquehanna Room

         Breakout Groups:

Group One - Allegheny Room - 2nd Floor

            Jeff Bridi, Walt Dietz

            Al Woomer

Group Two - Delaware Room  - Main Floor

            Carl Haensel, Gary Smith

            Mike Kaufmann

Group Three - Erie Room - Main Floor

            Dave Spotts, Don Lauver

            Bruce Hollander

Group Four - Lunch Room Main Floor

      John Simmons, Dave Bumann

      Tom Greene

Group Five - Potomac Room Ground Floor

      Tom Ford, Dave Miko

      Bob Weber


Schedule of Events

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Note: Links are to PowerPoint Presentations given at Trout Summit. These files can be very large. They require Microsoft PowerPoint.

8:00 8:45  Registration, informal discussions, coffee/Danish

8:45 9:00

            Executive Director Peter A. Colangelo

            Dennis Guise, Deputy Executive Director

            Rick Hoopes, Director, Bureau of Fisheries

9:00 9:15
Briefing: Overview - Trout in Pennsylvania

            Richard Snyder, Chief, Fisheries Management Division

9:15 10:00
Briefing: Wild Trout Management

            Mike Kaufmann, Area Fisheries Manager

10:10 11:30
Facilitated Break Out Groups

             Discuss Wild Trout Questions

11:40 12:00
Break Out Reports to Large Group

            Group One and Group Two

12:00 1:00

1:00 1:30
Briefing: Management with Stocked Trout

             Rick Lorson, Area Fisheries Manager

1:30 2:00
Briefings Hatchery Systems

            Jim Harvey, Chief, Coldwater Production

            Cecil Houser, Cooperative Nursery Unit Leader

            Tom Johnson, FishPro Consulting Engineers

2:10 3:30
Facilitated Break Out Groups

             Discuss Stocked Trout Questions

3:30 3:45
Afternoon Break

3:45 4 p.m.
Break Out Reports to Large Group

            Group Three and Group Four

4:00   4:20
Briefing:  Water Quality and Habitat Improvement

            John Arway, Chief, Environmental Services Division

4:30 5:20
Facilitated Break Out Groups

           Discuss Water Quality & Habitat Improvement Questions

5:30 5:45
Break Out Report to Large Group

            Group Five

5:45 6:00