Trout Summit 2002

Symposium for Officials

Friday September 27, 2002

Schedule of Events

8:00 9:00   Registration, informal           discussions, continental breakfast

9:00 9:15  Welcome

9:15 10:35   Panel:  Trout Production Effluent Challenges

10:35 10:45   Break

10:45 12 noon  Panel:  Hatchery Disease Management

12n 1:00    Lunch

1:00 1:55   Briefing: Technology for Trout Production to Meet Evolving Standards  - Tom Johnson, FishPro

2:00 2:55   Panel:  Contaminants and Consumption Advisories

2:55 3:10   Afternoon Break

3:10 4:15   Panel:  Stocking Trout for Recreational Fishing 

4:20 5 p.m. Panel:  Funding and Tax Dollar Support

5 pm. to 5:15 p.m.  Wrap-up

Program and Speakers

Note:  Files Linked are PowerPoint Presentations.  Some are very large files.  They require Microsoft PowerPoint.


    Peter A. Colangelo, Executive Director

    Rick Hoopes, Director, Bureau of Fisheries

Trout Production Effluent Challenges

Moderator - Jim Harvey, Chief Trout Production, PFBC

Panelists   - Janet Goodwin - EPA

                 - Tom Wiggins - Vermont

                  - Robert Fawcett - New Hampshire

                  - Kenneth Simmons - Massachusetts

Hatchery Disease Management

Moderator - Andy Shiels, Chief of Research, PFBC

Panelists   - Ken Stark, Fish Health Specialist, PFBC          

                  - Tom Bell, USFWS

                  - Julie Bebak, Freshwater Institute

Technology for Trout Production to Meet Evolving Standards

         Tom Johnson, FishPro Consulting Engineers and Scientists

Contaminants and Consumption Advisories

Moderator - John Arway, Chief, Environmental Services, PFBC

Panelists   - Bob Frey, PA Dept. Environmental Resources

                  - Todd Powless , Zeigler Foods

                  - Bob Carline , Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish

                            and Wildlife Research Unit, PSU

                  - Steve Wilson , Maine

Stocking for Recreational Fishing

Moderator - Dick Snyder, Chief, Fisheries Management PFBC

Panelists   - Russ Maurer, PA Bureau of State Parks

                  - Roy Miller , Delaware       

                  - Mike Shingleton , West Virginia

                  - Tom Greene, Coldwater Unit Leader, PFBC

Funding and Tax Dollar Support

Moderator - Marty Marcinko, Chief, Warmwater/Coolwater  

                           Production, PFBC

Panelists    - Darrel Bowman , Arkansas

-    Larry Claggett, Wisconsin