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Susquehanna River American Shad
Shad operations for the Susquahanna River in 2011 got underway April 25 at Conowingo with no passages. Due to high river flows, the 1st shad did not pass until May 8 (just 4 passages for the day) on only the 4th day of operaton for the facility. By comparison, in 2010 the 1st day of operation was April 5 with the 1st shad passage April 7. Fish-way operations begin when water temperatures are around 50°F, which encourages upstream shad movement.

Running totals linked to weekly reports of fish passage operations at the four hydroelectric dams on the lower Susquehanna are provided in the table below.

2011 Passages
  Fish Passage Facilities (downstream >>> upstream)
Date / Event Conowingo Holtwood Safe Harbor York Haven
Final Count 20,571 21 8 -
Last date of operation May 19 June 5 June 6 -
June 4 - 21 8 -
May 28 - 16 2 -
May 21 20,571 - - -
May 14 11,350 - - -
1st shad May 8 May 25 May 27 -
1st date of operation April 25 May 20 May 26 -
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