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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has a limited number of high-resolution "stock" photographs and illustrations related to our programs that are available for use in your publication. While there is no charge for the one-time use of these images, we do request a photo/illustration credit for the "PA Fish & Boat Commission/" The Commission retains the copyrights to all images. Below are thumbnail images linked to hi-res files that can be downloaded and used under the conditions stated.

To request use of other graphics on our web site, simply complete and submit our web form. In many cases we have bought the rights or received permission to use them on the site. In some cases we may be able to contact the rights owner to get you permission, but in other cases this won't be possible.

Information such as regulations, stocking lists, press releases, can be re-printed or published as you wish. If in doubt about whether permission is needed please submit a request.

Executive Director — John Arway
  John Arway
Hi-res, 846 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 781 kb
John Arway with salmon
Hi-res, 472 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 637 kb
  John Arway with smallmouth bass
Hi-res, 2.4 Mb
John Arway with steelhead
Hi-res, 1.1 Mb
John Arway with perch
Hi-res, 693 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 161 kb
  John Arway
Hi-res, 1.5 Mb
John Arway
Hi-res, 1.4 Mb
John Arway
Hi-res, 2.3 Mb
John Arway
Hi-res, 5.4 Mb
  John Arway
Hi-res, 605 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 237 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 108 kb
John Arway
Hi-res, 602 kb
  John Arway
Hi-res, 3.5 Mb
John Arway
Hi-res, 624 kb
  1st District
Edward P. Mascharka III
Commissioner Edward P. Mascharka III
Hi-res, 234 kb
2nd District
Rocco S. Ali
Commissioner Rocco S. Ali
Hi-res, 802 kb
3rd District
William J. Sabatose
Commissioner William Sabatose
Hi-res, 2.9 Mb
4th District
Leonard L. Lichvar
Commissioner Leonard Lichvar
Hi-res, 179 kb
5th District
William R. Worobec
Commissioner William R. Worobec
Hi-res, 190 kb
  6th District
Robert A. Bachman
Commissioner Robert A. Bachman
Hi-res, 3 Mb
7th District
Norman R. Gavlick
Commissioner Norman R. Gavlick
Hi-res, 676 kb
8th District
Glade E. Squires
Commissioner Glade E. Squires
Hi-res, 3.1 Mb
G. Warren Elliott
Commissioner G. Warren Elliott
Hi-res, 256 kb
Steven M. Ketterer
Commissioner Steven M. Ketterer
Hi-res, 3 Mb
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