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I would like to get some information on a coin or token I found while using my metal detector. The coin is about the size of a half dollar with a four leaf clover in the center and the words welcome to fishing & boating fun GOOD LUCK, on one side, and on the other side is a picture of what looks like a fly fisherman netting a fish, with the words join the fight for clean water, PENNSYLVANIA FISH COMMISSION around the picture. The coin seems quite old. I would appreciate any information  you could give me.
Fish Commission Silver Coins Circa 1970The coin you found is one produced by the Commission as a “give-away” item in the late 1960s or early 1970s.There were two coins issued in different years. One was silver in color and the other was gold/bronze in color. We believe the message was the same on both coins.

The Commission produced about 100,000 coins and distributed them widely at sportsmen club meetings to stocking helpers, cooperative nurseries and others. In this respect they are similar to other commemorative items or special publications that have been distributed to the angling and boating public over the years. These coins are certainly out of print and out of stock as far as official supplies go.

The Commission has no information about what their collectors’ value might be. We know that there are collectors of old fishing licenses and Pennsylvania Angler (and Pennsylvania Angler & Boater) magazines, so it would not be surprising if someone collected these coins.

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