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Warmwater / Coolwater Fishing
I'd like some facts and figures about warmwater/coolwater fishing in Pennsylvania. I know there is great bass fishing and walleye fishing across our state, but I'd like to know more.
You're right!  Fishing for warmwater/coolwater species of fish is extremely popular in Pennsylvania. Whether it's fishing for shad in the Delaware, bass in the Susquehanna River, going for crappie, bullheads and other panfish in Lake Glendale or fishing for walleye in Lake Erie or Pymatuning, Pennsylvania's warmwater/coolwater fisheries provide hundreds of thousands anglers millions of days of fishing pleasure.

Surveys show that most anglers fish for warmwater/coolwater fish as well as coldwater species such as trout. Well over 60% of all Pennsylvania anglers devote at least part of their fishing days fishing for warmwater/coolwater fishes; some anglers fish exclusively for these fish.

Fisheries management of the warmwater/coolwater species contributes greatly to the success of the sport. The Commission has special regulations in place for bass, panfish and other warmwater/coolwater species on numerous waters. Programs such as big bass and panfish enhancement are very popular with many anglers.

The Fish and Boat Commission annually stocks millions of warmwater/coolwater fishes in Pennsylvania waters. Walleye, channel catfish, striped bass, muskellunge and tiger muskellunge comprise the bulk of the Commission's maintenance stocking program. In recent years, these stockings have occurred (on average) in about 190 waters each year.

Click here for more information on survival rates for warmwater/coolwater species stocked in Pennsylvania waters.

Our fisheries management reports provide information on warmwater/coolwater populations in many specific bodies of water.

Recreational fishing has major positive economic impacts for Pennsylvania. Overall, the economic impact of recreational fishing has been conservatively estimated at $1.35 billion per year. It supports nearly 17,000 jobs, and fishing contributes nearly $50 million per year to the state's General Fund in the form of sales tax and income tax. It's difficult to separate the economic impact of warmwater/coolwater fishing from the overall impact of fishing in Pennsylvania since we offer so many diverse warmwater/coolwater fishing opportunities. However, we believe it's safe to say that warmwater/coolwater fishing has a positive economic impact of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

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