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Penalties for Fishing without a License
What are the penalties for fishing without a license?
The Fish and Boat Commission takes the offense of fishing without a license (also known as poaching) very seriously.

The base fine for fishing without a license is currently (2015) set at $75. An amount equal to two times the cost of the required license and permit is added to the base fine.

A violator also may be sentenced to pay an additional fine of $20 per fish taken illegally.

Fishing without a license is the single most prosecuted fishing offense under the Fish and Boat Code.

Poaching fish from Pennsylvania waters is a little like shoplifting: Poachers are prosecuted. The simple message is this: If you want to enjoy all the wonders of fishing in the waters of the Commonwealth, buy a fishing license. The cost is modest; the benefits are great. If you fish without a license, you will face penalties that far exceed the modest cost of a fishing license.

You Poach...You Pay!!

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