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Brook Trout Stocking Percentage
As I understand it, the brook trout is the only one of the three major trout species in Pennsylvania that is native. I'm told that it is also considered the state fish. If that's all true, I'm wondering why doesn't the Commission stock a higher percentage of brookies?
As part of the Commission's trout stocking program, we try to match the species with the habitat that is available for stocking or to the environment where a particular species would be expected to provide the best fishery. Therefore, brook trout are generally stocked in small to moderate size coldwater streams and often in combination with brown trout. Due to the fact that brook trout are the most acid tolerant trout species, we also utilize them for stocking in the more acid sensitive lakes and streams that are approved for stocking. In addition, to maintain species integrity, we plant only brook trout in the stocked stream sections that support good biomass Class B wild brook trout fisheries. Overall, brook trout compose approximately 22% of our total catchable trout production.

Brook trout - click for more informationGenerally, we do not stock brook trout in many of the larger waters or more marginal streams that have elevated seasonal water temperatures. This is primarily due to the fact that brook trout are more sensitive to water temperature elevations in comparison to either brown or rainbow trout. Aside from the waters where water chemistry or species integrity is an issue, we usually try to provide multi-species management as part of the stocking program.

This strategy allows us to manage the trout fishery for some variety. Therefore, you will notice that many of the waters are stocked with a combination of brook and brown trout, brown and rainbow trout or in some cases all three species.

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