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Register / Title an Abandoned Boat
How do I register and/or title an abandoned, non-titled boat found on my property?
In order to be considered for registration and/or title using the following steps, the boat must be abandoned on the applicant’s private property and the property must be located in Pennsylvania. The boat must also be non-titled.

Step 1. Customer:

Step 2. Commission:

  • Upon receipt of PFBC-R2, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (Commission) will notify the last registered owner on record. The registered owner, if any, will have thirty (30) days to remove the abandoned boat from the property.

Step 3. Customer:

  • You must confirm with the Commission that the boat in question qualifies as an abandoned boat on private property. This step MUST be completed prior to completing Step 4.

Step 4. Customer:

  • Place a notice in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county where the boat is located for three (3) consecutive days. The notice must describe the boat, its location, the date it was abandoned and any identifying numbers. You must also state in the notice that if the boat is not claimed and removed within thirty (30) days after publication in the newspaper, you will apply for registration and/or title of the boat in your name.

Step 5. Customer:

  • After the notice described in Step 4 has expired, but no earlier than sixty (60) days after you first notified the Commission, you may apply to the Commission for registration and/or title of the boat in your name(s) by submitting the following items to the address provided in Step 1:

    (a) A statement made under penalty of law that the boat has been abandoned for at least three (3) months on your property. Form PFBC-R5, Statement of Abandoned Boat, is available for this purpose;

    (b) Proof that you provided notice to the Commission of your intent to register the boat (a copy of Form PFBC-R2, submitted in Step 1, satisfies this requirement);

    (c) Proof that a notice was published in a newspaper as required by Step 4 (a copy of the paid ad and a copy of the header from the front page of the newspaper); and

    (d) A completed form REV-336, Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Title, with the appropriate fees.

Step 6. Commission:

  • Upon receipt of the required materials and payment of fees, the Commission will register and/or title the boat in your name(s) and will send you a validation decal and a registration card.
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