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Presque Isle Bay

Erie County
June 2007

Presque Isle Bay is located in Erie County in northwest Pennsylvania. The “bay” is a 3,300 acre body of water formed by a sandy peninsula that arches into Lake Erie. The peninsula is the home of Presque Isle State Park, a unique and interesting state park that offers a diverse selection of activities including miles of wonderful paved multi-use trails, beaches, summer concerts, bird watching, boating, winter activies, and of course, fantastic fishing for a variety of fish species, including; panfish, northern pike, steelhead, and black bass.

For three consecutive nights starting on June 4, 2007, personnel from the Area One Fisheries Management Office in Linesville sampled the black bass population using night electrofishing equipment. A total of 412 bass were collected in 4 hours of electrofishing, including 408 largemouth bass and four smallmouth bass. The total catch rate was 101.8 largemouth bass per hour, about the same as we found in 2005. This is the 4th highest we have recorded in the last 15 sample years. The catch for largemouth over 12 inches was 43 fish/hr, the third highest recorded since 1990. Bass ranged in size from 4 to 17inches with 7% of the catch over 15 inches and 43 % over 12 inches.

Largemouth bass catch rates

Largemouth bass

Some species of fish in Presque Isle Bay and the main part of Lake Erie are managed under different regulations than the rest of the state and you should check your regulations book before heading out (see the Lake Erie regulations table, page 9 in 2007). If boating or fishing these waters, please help stop the spread of nuisance species by removing all aquatic vegetation form your boat and trailer and don’t move live fish from the Erie drainage (see the Aquatic Nuisance Species section, page 9 in 2007, of the regulations book).

Smallmouth bass

Presque Isle Bay

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