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Glade Run Lake

Butler County
May 8, 2007
Night Electrofishing

Glade Run Lake is a 52 acre lake located in southern Butler County just off of Route 228, halfway between Pittsburgh and Butler. This PFBC-owned lake is stocked with trout both preseason and in-season. This lake also holds a nice largemouth bass population.

On May 8, 2007, personnel from the Area One Fisheries Management office in Linesville sampled Glade Run Lake to monitor the black bass populations. In three 20 minute electrofishing runs most of the shoreline was sampled. A total of 101 largemouth bass were caught, ranging in size from 3.5-20.75 inches. Most of the bass were in the 7 to 11 inch size range, however 7 bass (7%) were over 15 inches and 14 (14%) were over 12 inches. Glade Run Lake is in the Big Bass Program and bass are managed with a 15 inch minimum size limit and a 4 fish per day creel limit (see page 7 of your 2007 regulation book).

Largemouth bass survey results

Largemouth bass

Chart of largemouth bass catch rates

Glade Run Lake

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