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Pymatuning Lake

Crawford County
May 8, 2007
Night Electrofishing

Pymatuning Lake was sampled by Fisheries Management Area One personnel from March 28 to April 13, 2007. Trapnets were set at 39 sites for a total of 947 hours of trapnet effort. A total of 7,035 fish were sampled representing 24 species of fish.

Walleye ranged in size from 15 inches to 27.5 inches with a total of 1,163 walleye caught. Legal size walleye made up 100 % of the total walleye catch with 82% over 18 inches and 44% over 20 inches.

Walleye catch rate

Muskellunge catch rates were impressive, 77 musky were caught, with 22% over 40 inches and 60% over 35 inches. Musky ranged in size from 23.5 inches to a husky 49.5 inches.


Musky catch rate

A total of 412 crappie were caught, 371 were black crappie and 41 were white crappie. Black crappie ranged in size from 2 inches to over 13 inches and white crappie ranged from 2 inches to over 12 inches. Two thirds of the black crappie were over 9 inches long. Anglers were also reporting good catches of nice size crappie.

Crappie catch rate

A combined effort by the PFBC and Ohio Department of Wildlife resulted in over 16 million walleye fry being stocked into the lake this year. The lake also received an additional stocking of 78,699 advance walleye fry. Survival indexing of these stocked lifestages takes place annually in the fall. Pymatuning is scheduled to receive a stocking of 5,000 muskellunge fingerlings later in the year.


Pymatuning waves

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