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Shenango Lake

Mercer County
Night Electrofishing - May 2007

Shenango Lake is a 3,560-acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment located in western Mercer County. In May of 2007 personnel from the Area One Fisheries Management Office in Linesville electrofished 3 locations to monitor the black bass population in the lake. Night electrofishing yielded a total of 152 largemouth bass and 84 smallmouth bass. Largemouth bass ranged in size from 132 mm (5.25 in.) to 503 mm (19.75 in) with 27 (17.8%) of the fish being over 375 mm (14.8 in). Smallmouth bass ranged in size from 71 mm (2.75 in) to 426 mm (16.75 in) with 5 (6%) of the fish being over 375 mm (14.8 in). The total black bass catch for 2007 was up by 32 fish from the numbers found in 2006. Bass in this lake are managed under the Big Bass Program with a 15-inch minimum size limit and a four fish per day creel limit.

Largemouth bass catch rates

Smallmouth bass catch rates

In the past 10 years the PFBC has stocked over 70 million walleye fry, 215,000 walleye fingerlings, 32,400 musky fingerlings and 90,300 hybrid striped bass into Shenango Lake. While electrofishing for black bass we saw good numbers of one year old walleye, fish about 9 inches long. This should mean good walleye fishing in two years.

Shenango Lake

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