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Brady Run Lake

Beaver County
June 15, 2006

Brady Run Lake is located within the nearly 2000 acres Brady Run County Park. The park offers numerous recreational facilities and can be found two miles north of Beaver, PA, on Route 51 in Beaver County. The 28-acre lake is stocked with trout both pre-season and in-season. Largemouth bass in this lake are managed under the Big Bass Program with a 15-inch size limit and a four fish per day creel limit (see page 19 in your 2006 Summary Book).

On the night of June 15, 2006 Area One Fisheries Management personnel sampled the bass population to monitor changes in the number and size of bass in Brady Run Lake. Three 20 minute electrofishing runs were conducted covering most of the shoreline. A total of 90 bass were captured ranging in size from 68 mm (2.5 inches) to 539 mm (21.2 inches). Eight (9%) of the largemouth bass were over 15 inches long and 33 (36%) were over 12 inches. One of the larger bass we caught appeared to be blind in both eyes, yet the fish was otherwise very healthy looking.

We also saw one large smallmouth bass, two longnose gar and two 16 inch long sauger. This lake is also stocked annually with channel catfish.

Length Frequency of Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass CPUE
*One Netter

-- Freeman Johns, Area 1 Fisheries Technician

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