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Crawford County
March 25 - April 16, 2004

Pymatuning Lake was sampled by Area 1 personnel from March 25 to April 16, 2004 as part of the annual walleye monitoring effort. Pennsylvania style trapnets were set at 61 sites for almost 1,600 hours of trapnet effort. While the time of the year favored catches of walleye, over 9,500 fish were sampled representing 25 species.

Walleye were the most abundant fish caught with 2,516 sampled. Lengths ranged from 7 to over 28 inches. Legal size (15 inches) fish made up over 96% of the walleye catch. The average size of walleye during this sampling was much larger than it was only 5 years ago with 42% of the walleye over 18 inches in 2004 compared to only 8% in 1999 and 3% in 1994.

Pymatuning walleye
Pymatuning walleye

Over 1,460 black crappie were caught in 2004, more than two times the number caught in any year since 1989. Black crappie ranged in size from 2 inches to over 13 inches, with most in the 7 to 9 inch range.

Fifty-three muskellunge from 25 inches to 46 inches were caught. Of the 53, 24 were over 36 inches in length and 3 were over 40 inches.

Pymatuning black crappie
Pymatuning black crappie

-- Freeman Johns, Area 1 Fisheries Technician

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