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Presque Isle Bay
June 4 - 5, 2003
Sampling Gear: Night Electrofishing

Presque Isle Bay is part of the Presque Isle State Park located in northwest Pennsylvania. The bay is a 3,300 acres body of water formed by a sandy peninsula that arches into Lake Erie. Biologists from the Fisheries Management Area One office sampled the bay by night electrofishing on June 4 and 5, 2003.

A total of 233 largemouth bass were captured in two hours of electrofishing. Bass ranged in size from 125 mm (5 in.) to 477 mm (18.75 in). Bass over 375 mm (14.8 in) represented 18% of the catch and those over 300 mm (11.8 in) were 37% of the catch. The catch rate of fish over 300 mm and 375 mm was highest we have seen in over 14 years. Bass in Presque Isle Bay are managed with special regulations (please see page 10 of the 2003 Summary Book) and have a 15-inch minimum size limit and 4 fish per day creel limit from June 14 to December 31. Surprisingly no smallmouth bass were found this year. Low water and windy conditions made electrofishing difficult.

Table summarizing Presque Isle Bay night electrofishing results 1990-2003

Graph summarizing Presque Isle Bay night electrofishing results 1990-2003

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