Shenango Lake

Spring 2002

Shenango Lake is a 3,560 acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment located in western Mercer County. Fish populations were sampled using three Pennsylvania style trapnets from April 15, 2002 to April 26, 2002 for a total of 24 sets. A total of 18 species of fish were caught. Cold weather, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the mid 20’s adversely affected catches in the second week.

Shenango Lake - click for larger image Shenango Lake - click for larger image
  Blood on the left hand is the biologist's, not the fish.
Apparently the AFM got "spined" just before the picture.

Striped bass hybrid and channel catfish catches were the most striking. Striped bass hybrids ranged in size from less then 5 inches to a very impressive 29 inches in length. Fifty nine of the 124 striped bass hybrids sampled were over 23 inches in length. The channel catfish population was impressive both in the number caught, 1,208, and the size of some catfish, over 30 inches! Most channel catfish were in the 15-20 inch range.

Shenango Lake - click for larger image Shenango Lake - click for larger image

Good numbers of white and black crappie were also caught, however few fish were over 10 inches in length. Limited numbers of walleye, yellow perch and northern pike were also caught. Largemouth and smallmouth bass population will be sampled later in the spring.

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