Pymatuning Lake

Spring 2002

Pymatuning Lake is a 13,900 acre impoundment located in western Crawford County situated on the Pennsylvania and Ohio boundary. The walleye population was sampled using four PA style trapnets. Nets were first set on March 18, 2002. The nets were checked daily and one or two nets were moved each day for a total of 89 trapnet sets. A total of over 9,600 fish were sampled representing 27 species of fish, from the much sought after walleye to the unusual quillback, to the rare spotted sucker. Walleye were the most abundant species captured. The total walleye catch was 4,494 fish, the second highest total walleye catch reported in the last 13 years. Walleye ranged in size from 200 mm (8 inches) to 702 mm (27.75 inches), however 87% of the fish were between 350 mm (13.75 inches) and 449 mm (17.75 inches) in length.

Pymatuning survey

Good numbers of muskellunge were also caught. A total of 39 were captured ranging in size from 692 mm (27.25 inches) to 1170 mm (46 inches). The Linesville Hatchery crew was collecting muskellunge for spawning and reported good catches this spring with some fish measuring 48 inches. Good numbers of quality size black crappie were also caught some as large a 362 mm (14.25 inches). Nice yellow perch and channel catfish were also found.

Pymatuning catfish

The water level in the lake was very high this year. This has dislodged logs and stumps so keep a watchful eye out for debris.

Pymatuning yellow perch

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