Tionesta Lake

Tionesta Lake, is a 480-acre lake located in Forest County.  Commission biologists conducted survey work during April  to complete the evaluation of recent attempts to establish a walleye fishery through the introduction of walleye fingerling.  Walleye fingerling were stocked at rates of 10 per acre in 1997 and 1998 and at 20 per acre in 1995, 1996,  and 1999.  Spring sampling for adults and fall sampling for juveniles failed to produce walleye during the evaluation period.  It appears walleye do not remain in Tionesta Lake.  Walleye are known to leave lakes having surface water releases, during low lake level periods.  As a result, attempts to establish a walleye fishery at Tionesta Lake will be discontinued.

None-the-less Tionesta Lake continues to produce quality muskellunge, smallmouth bass, and channel catfish angling opportunities.  The one night netting effort produced four muskellunge ranging from 14 through 41 inches, seven smallmouth bass including two quality individuals at 15 and 22 inches, and ten channel catfish ranging from 14 to 30 inches.  Most of the channel catfish were in the 26 to 27 inch size range and all were extremely robust.  Panfish densities were low, however several nice rock bass were sampled.  Tionesta Lake also provides spring opportunities for trout enthusiasts in that it has a surprisingly good density of trout that outmigrate from various streams in the Tionesta Creek drainage.  Seven brook trout and one brown trout were sampled and several anglers were catching trout on a regular basis.

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