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Forms - Boat Registration/Titling
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This page contains links to forms related to registering and/or titling a boat in Pennsylvania.
New Registrations & Titles
Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Title [Rev-336]
Complete an application form for a new registration or title....GO!

Documentation Required to Register a Boat
Read the regulations concerning boat registration and what documentation is required to prove ownership....GO!

Application for PFBC Use (Launch) Permit [PFBC-769]
Un-powered boats only. Alternative to getting a registration. Allows the boat to be used at Commission accesses and DCNR state parks....GO!

Launch permits can also be purchased online at The Outdoor Shop....GO!

Certification of Boat Length [PFBC-R6]
Only needed if requested by PFBC registration section....GO!

Boat Registration Renewal
Renew an existing registration online with a credit card at The Outdoor Shop....GO!

Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration Renewal [PFBC-733]
Didn't receive your renewal card or can't find it, and you don't want to renew online? Complete this form....GO!

Ownership related
Change of Address, Status or Request for Duplicate Certificate of Registration [PFBC-732]
Update/change any information on your registration, or request a replacement or duplicate registration card....GO!

Affidavit of Purchase/Ownership [PFBC-734]
Establishes ownership if you do not have a bill of sale or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (boats purchased at yard sales, flea markets, etc., and home-made or specially constructed boats)....GO!

Affidavit of Gift [PFBC-715]
Needed if claiming a tax exemption (#6 on Rev-336) when transferring a registration....GO!

Notice of Intent to Register Boat Abandoned on Private Property [PFBC-R2]
Register an abandoned boat found on private property ....GO!
bulletHow do I register and/or title an abandoned, non-titled boat found on my property?

Statement of Abandoned Boat [PFBC-R5]
Certify an abandoned boat has been on your property for at least 3 months....GO!

Notice of Abandoned Boat Found on Commonwealth Waters [PFBC-R3]
Register an abandoned boat found on Commonwealth public waters....GO!

Application for Transfer of Registration Fee to a Newly Acquired Boat [PFBC-R4]
Transfer a boat registration fee from a boat you own to a newly acquired boat....GO!

Application for Duplicate or Corrected Certificate of Title By Owner [PFBC-T1]
Get a duplicate title or correct title information....GO!

Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title or to Record, Satisfy, or Correct Lien Information By Lienholder [PFBC-T2]
Lien holder form....GO!

Application for Title for Outboard Motor Changes [PFBC-T3]
Get a title once lien has been satisfied....GO!

Application for Certificate of Title By An Agent/Dealer [PFBC-T4]
Used by dealers to obtain a title....GO!

Application for Cancellation of Certificate of Title [PFBC-T5]
Use to cancel application because boat was returned or MCO information is incorrect....GO!

Application for Certificate of Salvage [PFBC-T6]
Get an original or duplicate Certificate of Salvage....GO!

Application for Certificate of Title After Default by Owner [PFBC-T7]
Get a title when buyer defaults....GO!

Notification of Assignment/Correction of Title and/or Registration Upon Death of Owner [PFBC-T8]
Transfer ownership after a death....GO!

Request for Boat Title or Security Interest Information [PFBC-T9]
Request boat, title or lien information....GO!

Application for Correction or Change of Boat Record [PFBC-T10]
Change HIN, address or boat information....GO!

Application for New Certificate of Title [PFBC-T12]
Get a title and/or record a lien....GO!

PFBC Issuing Agent Forms
Registration & Titling Supply Request [PFBC-701]
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