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To assist trout anglers in knowing the regulations that apply to locations where they fish, trout regulations are separated by PFBC Regions. Each region contains a listing of its counties separated by specific trout regulation. See below for regulation categories, click on individual regulations for an explanation of each regulation and its requirements.
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Regional Opening Day of Trout Season
The trout season begins earlier in 18 southeastern Pennsylvania counties. In these counties (and designated waters crossing into these counties), trout season will begin 8 a.m., April 2. Unless otherwise specified by special regulation, inland daily limits and minimum sizes apply.

Stocked trout waters in the Southeast, Southcentral, Northcentral and Northeast regions that have this early opening day are included in region trout regulation listings.

Regional Listings of Regulated Trout Waters
Listings of stocked trout waters for counties/regions that have the regular opening day of trout season, April 16, along with the April 2 regional opening day.
Trout Fishing Regulations - Definitions & Listings
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