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Aquatic Ecology Reference Materials List
  • These References and the Essential Topics/Learning Objectives can also be found on the PA Envirothon website.

1. Books
  • Pennsylvania Fishes
  • Pennsylvania Amphibians and Reptiles (ISBN 1-930369-00X)
    —Hard copy only, new teams should contact PA Envirothon to obtain a copy.
2. Fact Sheets
3. PLAY Issues and Select PLAY Pages
4. Articles
5. Pennsylvania Fishing Summary
Teams should review the following regulations or information
6. Frog and Toad Calls of Pennsylvania CD
  • New teams should contact PA Envirothon to obtain a copy.
7. Herp Sweet Home (PA Amphibians & Reptiles Curriculum)
8. Threatened & Endangered Species
Invertebrates Fish Amphibians & Reptiles
Clubshell Mussel Atlantic Sturgeon Eastern Spadefoot Toad
Dwarf Wedgemussel Bigmouth Buffalo Northern Cricket Frog
Eastern Pearlshell Mussel Burbot Green Salamander
Northern Riffleshell Mussel Cisco Bog Turtle
  Hickory Shad Eastern Mud Turtle
  Longear Sunfish Eastern Redbelly Turtle
  Spotted Gar Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
*Participants are responsible for identification of each of the given animals in addition to knowing the information under Objective 2c.
9. PA’s Field Guide to AIS (PA Sea Grant)
  • Introduction
  • Prevention
  • Species Pages*
Plants Invertebrates Fish Pathogens Algae Reptiles
Curly Leaf Pondweed Asian Clam Bighead Carp Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) Didymo Red-eared Slider
Eurasian watermilfoil New Zealand Mudsnail Flathead Catfish   Golden Algae Yellow-bellied Slider
Hydrilla Rusty Crayfish Northern Snakehead      
Water Chestnut Spiny water Flea Round Goby      
Common Reed Quagga Mussel Sea Lamprey      
Purple Loosestrife Zebra Mussel Silver Carp      
*Participants are responsible for identification of each of the given plants and animals in addition to knowing the information under Objective 2d.
Identification Study List (from PA Fishes and PA Amphibians & Reptiles books)
Fish Amphibians Reptiles Invertebrates
American Eel Eastern Gray Treefrog* Common Snapping Turtle Amphipod/scud
American Shad  Fowler’s Toad* Eastern Box Turtle Backswimmer
Bluegill Northern Green Frog* Midland Painted Turtle Caddisfly*
Bowfin Northern Leopard Frog* Spiny Shoftshell Turtle Crayfish
Brown Bullhead Pickerel Frog* Spotted Turtle Cranefly/Tipulid*
Brook Trout Wood Frog* Wood turtle Damselfly*
Channel Catfish Eastern Hellbender Northern Coal Skink Dobsonfly/fishfly*
Creek Chub Four-toed Salamander Northern Fence Lizard Dragonfly*
Largemouth Bass Jefferson Salamander Eastern (Black) Rat Snake Freshwater snail
Longnose Dace Longtail Salamander Eastern Hognose Snake Giant Water Bug
Muskellunge Marbled Salamander Eastern Milk Snake Mayfly*
Paddlefish Mudpuppy Queen Snake Predaceous Diving Beetle
Rainbow Trout Northern Dusky Salamander Northern Copperhead Stonefly*
Rock Bass Northern Spring Salamander Northern Ringneck Snake Water Scorpion
Slimy Sculpin Northern Red Salamander Northern Water Snake Water Strider
Smallmouth Bass Red-Spotted Newt/Red Eft Ribbon Snake Whirligig Beetle
Striped Bass Slimy Salamander Rough Green Snake Water Boatman
White Sucker Spotted Salamander Timber Rattlesnake Water Penny
  *Must know calls   *Must know life stages
PA Fish & Boat Commission Regional Aquatic Resources Program Specialists
Northwest 11528 State Highway 98, Meadville, PA 16335 814-336-2426
Southwest 236 Lake Road, Somerset, PA 15501 814-443-9841
Northcentral 450 Robinson Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823 814-359-5127
Southcentral 1704 Pine Road, Newville, PA 17241 717-486-7352
Southeast 101 Swamp Road, Newtown, PA 18940 215-968-9081
Northeast 5566 Main Road, Sweet Valley, PA 18656 570-477-2206
The PA Fish & Boat Commission provides support for the aquatics portion of the Pennsylvania Envirothon. The Commission develops essential topics, learning objectives, references and also administers the aquatics testing stations at county and state Envirothon events.

New Team Leaders - Visit the Envirothon webpage ( or contact the PA Envirothon ( to get started.

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Collection of Aquatic Organisms - Permit and license information for educators and scientists.
Fishing License Educational Exemption - provides exemption to fishing license requirement to participants in certain types of educational programs (fact sheet).
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