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Instructor Reward Program (IRP)
The Instructor Reward Program (IRP) rewards instructors teaching Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission programs - Basic Boating, Boating and Water Safety Awareness (BWSA), Water Rescue, Fishing Skills programs.

Instructors earn points for teaching a program or course or assisting Commission Education staff. Examples include teaching courses, instructing at youth field days and conservation camps, attending training, representing the Commission at exhibits, and teaching Water Rescue courses. For example, an instructor earns 25 points for teaching a class. That instructor can “spend” 10 points on an award item and still have 15 points remaining or they may accumulate points to receive a greater reward. As long as the instructor does not “spend” points on an award item, he/she can continue to accumulate points over a period of years (as long as deemed appropriate).

The IRP has been developed for Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission certified instructors.  An instructor is not eligible to participate in the IRP if he/she receives payment of any kind from the Commission, another organization, or individuals for the activity for which they are claiming an awardIn addition, instructors, whether paid or not, may not participate in the IRP program if the facility or organization for which they are teaching is charging more than $15 per student.  The IRP program’s purpose is to provide incentive and reward to people who are giving their time to deliver the Commission's message. 
The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, Bureau of Boating & Outreach, administers the IRP.  At the conclusion of each activity for which a volunteer may earn points, the instructor should submit a report as follows:
  • Basic Boating, BWSA and Fishing Skills Instructors
    Submit a Time and Activity form to their Regional Outreach and Education Coordinator (ROEC).

  • Water Rescue Instructors
    Please send the IRP – Water Rescue form (available on WR Instructor page) directly to the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, Bureau of Boating and Access, in Harrisburg.

Instructors list the activity for which they are requesting points on the appropriate forms (listed above). Once the instructor has accumulated enough points for the reward desired, an IRP Award Order form is submitted to Harrisburg where it is reviewed by the administrators assigned to the IRP. The item(s) are then shipped directly to the volunteer. All IRP forms are available on this page — see links above and right.

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