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Envirothon Sample Test

1. Which of the following venomous snakes does not live in Pennsylvania?  
  1. Water Moccasin
  2. Timber Rattlesnake
  3. Eastern Massasauga
  4. Northern Copperhead
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2. You are sampling a stream in western Pennsylvania and find the rocks and substrate to be orange-colored. The pH of the stream is less than 5.0 and you find no critters. What is likely to be the type of pollution found in this stream?  
  1. Acid rain
  2. Abandoned mine drainage
  3. Pesticide runoff from surrounding farms
  4. Discharge from a local sewage plant
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3. Name three anadromous fish that migrate to Pennsylvania waters.  
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4. Which of the following statements is true about fish?  
  1. Shad belong to the trout & salmon family
  2. Darters belong to the minnow family
  3. Suckers belong to the minnow family
  4. Bass belong to the sunfish family
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5. A local farmer notices erosion, which is taking place along a stream bank that runs through her cattle pasture. She is concerned that sedimentation will be harmful to the reproduction of a rare darter found in the stream. Which would you recommend?  
  1. Trap all the darters and relocate them to a clean stream
  2. Remove sediment, cut banks to steep angle, channelize stream and line banks with rocks
  3. Enhance stream bank by fencing it from the cattle and planting a vegetation buffer
  4. Build dams on the stream to slow the flow of water and trap the sediment
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