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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Commission send staff to my school for team training or will they participate in Envirothon prep or study sessions?
The Commission has taken a consistent approach and strives to provide the best support we can to educational programs, including Pennsylvania’s Envirothon Program. Our emphasis is on developing sound learning objectives and providing appropriate resources to meet those objectives. The Commission is a small agency and staff is not available to come to schools for Envirothon study sessions or prep programs. We recommend that team leaders and teachers spend time reviewing the essential topics and learning objectives and incorporating them into classroom studies when possible.

Q: How can I order PFBC Publications?
While we encourage you to print and copy from our web site, you may also order publications using the Requisition for Educational Materials.

Q: Our team never seems to do well at the county or state events. How can we do better?
Team success is dependant on preparation. Teams that consistently do well are not lucky nor do they have agency staff assisting in their preparation. Successful teams spend time preparing. It is essential that the team leaders meet with the group and review the learning objectives. The resources are specifically chosen to help teams meet the learning objectives. Most teams find improvement in their success if they focus on the objectives and spend a reasonable amount of time studying the reference materials.

Q: I am organizing or participating in an elementary or middle school aged Envirothon program. Has the Commission developed learning objectives for these ages? Are resources available? Will the Commission send staff to run an aquatics station at our event?
The commission has also taken a consistent approach with Envirothon programs for younger groups. We are committed to the Envirothon Program, but our staff is limited. We typically cannot attend elementary or middle school aged Envirothon programs. We recommend that organizers adapt the “upper-level” Envirothon Aquatics Objectives to meet the needs of younger groups. These learning objectives were developed by using the PDE's Environment and Ecology standards for grades 10 and 12 as a guideline. It is recommended that organizers use the E & E standards for the appropriate grade level, when developing Envirothon Learning Objectives for younger groups. Appropriate age-related resources are available to team leaders on our Education page (particularly PLAY) or from the Educational Resources Catalog. Publications can be ordered by using the Requisition for Educational Materials.

Q: I am forming a new team or have lost my reference materials. How do I get resources and should I contact the Commission?
The reference materials are distributed through the PA Envirothon. Please do not contact the PA Fish & Boat Commission to obtain Envirothon reference materials. New teams should contact the PA Envirothon to obtain all the information and materials they need to get started. Existing teams that need replacement materials should also contact the PA Envirothon.

Q: I am a team leader and school teacher and would really like to get more background on Pennsylvania's aquatic resources. Are there any workshops or trainings that will help me teach aquatic topics in the classroom or help me be a better team leader?
The Objectives and Aquatics Reference Materials should provide team leaders with everything they need to do well on the Aquatics test at Envirothon events. Teachers and team leaders may benefit from one of the Commission's Educator or Instructor Trainings.

Q: Our team has received all of the Aquatics resources from the PA Envirothon program, including a couple of books. Can I obtain a extra copies of the Pennsylvania Fishes or Pennsylvania Amphibians & Reptiles book?
The Envirothon program distributes one copy of each book to each team leader that participates in the Envirothon program. Additional copies or replacements can be purchased from the Commission's Outdoor Shop or Products and Publications Order Form.

Q: Can I obtain a copy of an old Aquatics test to review with my team members as preparation for the next Envirothon event?
Copies of old Aquatics test are not made available to team leaders or team members. Please do not contact the Commission, PA Envirothon or County Conservation District to obtain copies of old tests. The Envirothon page of our website has several Sample Questions.

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