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13-Point Small-Boat Checklist WEB ONLY
Checklist of items to inspect for a boat and equipment.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Boating Regulation Recap BROCHURE
Brochure provides a recap of current state laws and resent additions and changes to existing boating regulations.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Boating Under the Influence WEB ONLY
BUI laws and consequences.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Choosing a Canoe for Fishing PA Waters WEB ONLY
Items to consider when choosing a canoe.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Coldwater Safety WEB ONLY
Crossword puzzle on important coldwater safety topics.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Frequently Asked Questions: Boat Registration and Titling BROCHURE
Information for new boat owners. What to do after the purchase of a boat, including titling and registration.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Hazards on the Water BROCHURE
This Brochure identifies hazards found on water such as low head dams, strainers, current, weather etc. Also includes information on how to avoid these hazards.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Describes how to make and use ice awls for self rescue when a person has fallen through the ice.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Is the Ice Safe? WEB ONLY
PLAY brochure on ice safety, bass habitat, the food chain and artificial lures.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Oh No! There's a Fire FACT SHEET
Puzzle on fire safety. Includes information on PASS--how to use an extinguisher.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Personal Flotation Devices BROCHURE
Describes types of PFDs and their use. Also includes legal requirements.  
Minimum grade level: ES-MS  

Personal WaterCraft (PWC) in Pennsylvania WEB ONLY
Describes PWCs and their use. Also includes regulations.  
Minimum grade level: ES-MS  

PLAY: Dangers Around the Water WEB ONLY
PLAY brochure containing the following articles: Dangers Around the Water, Prepare to Fall In, Recipe for Water Safety, Hook Safety & Removal, Homemade Water Rescue, A Stringer of Safety Tips.  
Minimum grade level: ES-HS  

PLAY: Summer Fishing and Boating WEB ONLY
PLAY brochure containing the following articles: Summer Night Life, Fish Prints, Fly Fishing, Without a Fly Rod, Bad-Weather Boating, Summer Night Life Word Search, Answers to Summer Night Life Word Search, Night Lights, Prepare to be BOARDED!  
Minimum grade level: ES-HS  

Pocket First Aid Kit WEB ONLY
Description of how to assemble a simple pocket sized first aid kit.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Safe Fueling Techniques WEB ONLY
Checklist and information about safe fueling.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Secret Code for Ice Safety BROCHURE
Word game, includes tips on ice safety.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Summertime Do's and Dont's WEB ONLY
Describes the correct procedures to follow around a busy boat launch ramp in summer.  
Minimum grade level: MS-HS  

Tool Box: Boats and Water Safety WEB ONLY
How the PFBC uses boats, touchdown test for PFD fit.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Wear It Pennsylvania Pledge Card WEB ONLY
Take the Wear It Pennsylvania Pledge  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Zip and Buckle Up WEB ONLY
Tips on personal flotation devices (PFD) and who is legally required to wear one.  
Minimum grade level: MS  
Adventures In Boating VHS/30 min.
With Bill Nye, the Science Guy, this video is geared toward elementary and junior high students, and it takes a humorous look at boating safety. Topics covered include PFDs, rules of the road, interviews with people protecting our waters, and other boating scenarios. Washington State Park  

Awesome Power VHS/17 min.
Actual footage of what the awesome power of water can do to towns, communities, houses, cars and people as the result of flash floods. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  

Basic Navigation/Rules of the Road VHS/60 min.
In this program, David Smith shows you the basics of boating. He covers basic aids to navigation, buoys, lights, ranges, structural charts, where to purchase and how to read charts by means of visual fix, line of position, dumb compass, triangulation and depth contours. Learn to determine speed by chip log, fixes, ranges, and mechanical log. Great for the beginner - good refresher for the advanced boater. Bennett Marine Video  

Boat America DVD/63 min.
Boating safety instruction.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Boating Safety Around River Tows VHS/6 min.
The most important rule to remember is that the pilot has a large blind spot and recreational boaters need to maintain a safe distance from tows and barges. The video covers important safety tips when boating near and around tows. Reel Images  

Boating the Starboard Way VHS
Professor Heywood Banks takes you into his boating education laboratory to demonstrate the correct way to boat. Great introduction to boating safety with plenty of tips that could save a life.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Choice is Yours VHS/18 min.
This film deals with the necessity of wearing a life vest or personal floata¬tion device (PFD). The video uses action shots and interviews with people to promote the wearing of PFDs. It also explains the different types of PFDs, how to choose one, care for and assure the proper fit of the device. "The Choice is Yours" is both well done and interesting. This video can be used successfully in many ways to stress the importance of personal floatation devices. It is appropriate for school use (either in a classroom or in a demonstration), for libraries, for local safety meetings, and for a safe boating course. The National Safety Council  

Cold Water Boot Camp DVD/30 min.
Volunteers experience the three effects of Cold Water Immersion – cold shock, cold incapacitation and hypothermia; Dr Giesbrecht (aka “Professor Popsicle”) provides valuable information about how to survive an accidental fall into cold water and the indisputable fact that lifejackets make a difference!  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Cold, Wet and Alive DVD/23 min.
This video focuses on the prevention of accidental hypothermia and how to treat it. Provides viewers with knowledge to recognize signs, symptoms and treatment. American Canoe Assosiation  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Dams of Death (Keep Your Distance) VHS/36 min.
This video focuses on the ADock Street Dam@ located in Harrisburg, PA and the dangers associated with ALL low head dams. WGAL TV - Channel 8 (Lancaster PA)  

Day Sailing VHS/30 min.
Robbie Doyle demonstrates a short sail in the harbor by reviewing the balance of forces involved in sailing and some of the necessary tools. Points of sail and wind direction are covered as well as care and mainte¬nance of equipment. Bennett Marine Video  

Deadly Pleasure (20/20 clip) VHS/15 min.
A startling look at boating in Florida and Maryland, with interviews of accident victims, actual footage of boating accidents, and the thoughts of mandatory boating education. Although filmed in other states, this same kind of confusion is happening on Pennsylvania's waters. ABC Distribution Company  

Field Guide to Water Safety VHS/15 min.
A look at the 4 dams on the lower Susquehanna (York Haven, Safe Harbor, Holtwood, and Conowingo) with a brief history on each dam, hazards above and below the dams, how a dam operates, and the warn¬ing signs when the gates will be opening. Philadelphia Electric  

Harm's Way VHS/18 min.
This award winning film is designed for teenage and young adult audi¬ences who participate in high-risk activities. It features the insights of young people with both head and spinal cord injuries, including a combination of action, music and very honest and direct testimony. American Association of Neurological Surgeons  

Judgement on the Water VHS/24 min.
This film addresses the sportsman's use of small boats. Highlighting the major causes of small boat fatalities: use of alcohol while boating, not wearing PFD's, and cold water boating. Three well presented scenarios involving spring fishing, the weekend boater and the use of a boat while hunting. Alan Madison Productions  

Lake Erie Boating and Fishing VHS/28 min.
This video shows the pleasure of boating and fishing on Lake Erie. PA Fish and Boat Commission  

Let's Go Boating VHS/2 hrs.
A generic look at boating, equipment, seamanship, small boat handling, navigation rules, weather, sailing, emergencies and electronics. California Dept. Of Boating and Waterways (2 tapes)

Little Common Sense VHS/20 min.
Several boating experts, a boat builder, a coastal pilot, an insurance claims adjuster, a Coast Guard coxswain, a speedboat racer, a Coast Guard Commander, and a professional salvage operator are interviewed in this video concerning boating safety. It is an effective tool to drive home the necessity of using a little common sense while boating, even more so when teamed with the pamphlet "Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats." US Coast Guard  

Longfellow's Whale Tales VHS/13 min.
This video will help elementary school teachers teach children about safe behavior in and around water. It is designed to give children an awareness of accident causes and prevention, and the desire to be safe and to contribute to healthful aquatic recreation. American Red Cross  

New Look at Cold Water Near Drowning VHS/30 min.
Sudden facial immersion in cold water sets off a primitive response called the mammalian diving reflex. This reflex reduces the blood circulation to the heart, lungs and brain. This film shows actual footage of a father and son exposed to cold water for a lengthy period and what was done to ensure survival. The film also explains, through various experts, on what we can do in the first few minutes of cold water near drowning, what causes drowning in cold water and the basic fundamentals of setting up rescue, location of victim, rescue, CPR and transportation. A Concept Systems, Inc. Production  

Pleasure Boating Vol #1 (The Basics of Boating) VHS/60 min.
This video will teach you, in depth, how to navigate a complete and safe cruise from harbor to harbor. This tape includes such needed aspects as pre-cruise preparations, knot tying, boating safety, basic navigation, rules of the road, getting underway, rough weather handling, anchoring and mooring, fire aboard and much more. Bennett Marine Video  

PWC: Jet Smart VHS/30 min.
This video and the accompanying booklet provide basic information you need to enjoy your PWC to the fullest. Items covered included: (a) How Your Personal Water craft Works; (b) Operating Hints; (c) Safety Tips; (d) Safety Gear; (e) Rules of the Road; and (f) Your Responsibilities as an Owner. United States Power Squadron  

PWC: Personal Responsibility VHS/15 min.
Video deals with basic responsibilities when venturing into the world of jet skis Marketing Resources Group  

PWC: Play It Safe VHS/11 min.
Note: This video replaces the old "Good, the Bad, the Jet Ski"
Video gives a brief introduction into the world of PWC's, showing rules of the road, ATON, common courtesy, etc. Personal Water craft Industry Association

Reading the Wind VHS/60 min.
Robbie Doyle considers the important elements necessary for sailing a course through the use of a cruising vessel. Proper boat handling is considered, as well as another lesson in knot tying. Bennett Marine Video  

Road Signs of the Waterways VHS/10 min.
A film identifying common Aids to Navigation that a boater would encoun¬ter while on the water. Provides the new boater with the basics of the U.S. Aids to Navigation System through live action footage, artwork and animation. It also covers some history of the development of Aids to Navigation in the United States. United States Coast Guard  

Sailing for New Sailors VHS/30 min.
Robbie Doyle welcomes you to the sport of sailing. Doyle acquaints the new sailor with some of the language of the sea, as well as the basics of sailing and seamanship. Bennett Marine Video  

Sailor's Knots and Splices VHS/55 min.
What rope and when to use it; which knot and how to tie it. The mysteries of splicing are explained. Professional rigger, knotsman and author, Brian Toss, guides you step-by-step through 18 knots, whippings and splices in three-strand and double-braid rope. Wooden Boat Magazine  

Single Screw Boat Handling - Trailerable Vol. 1 VHS/75 min.
This tape covers all aspects of handling a trailerable boat. The tape is divided into chapters in which the following topics are discussed: towing - including proper selection of vehicle and hitch, procedure at a launching ramp or beach, backing down and floating your boat, maneuvering and handling the boat, safety productions, boat retrieval, cleanup and a complete safety checklist. This tape is a must have. Neptune Productions  

Staying Afloat VHS/10 min.
This video deals with individuals in different situations that fall into the water and objects available that will keep them afloat until help arrives. National Safety Council  

Trailering Your Boat VHS/12 min.
Tips for on-the-road and at-the-ramp. Proper procedures and check lists prior to getting on the road, while on the road, and at the ramp. An excellent video for first time trailering your boat. US Coast Guard  

Uncalculated Risk VHS/15 min.
An action-filled account of the things that can go wrong when people with little experience or training pile into canoes, rafts, and kayaks and head down river. It stresses the need for instruction as the best means for preventing accidents and gaining more enjoyment in paddling. Fast paced and avoids a preachy, "classroom" tone. American Red Cross  

US Power Squadron: Boating Course for Power and Sail VHS/80 min.
This is the first video edition of the nation's best-known boating course that has taught basic boating to over three million people. Exciting aerial and on-the-water footage and state-of-the-art graphics are used to introduce the essentials of boat handling and to make charts, piloting, and the rules of the road as much fun to watch as they are easy to understand. This video, with the accompanying 240-page book, covers all the material normally taught in six weekly USPS classes. US Power Squadron  

Water: The Deceptive Power VHS/32 min.
Many of us take for granted water and often forget about its power and what it can do to homes, land, and people. Interviews with accident victims and with the people who must deal with them help drive the point home about the power of water. American Red Cross  

Water: The Timeless Compound VHS/32 min.
A unique motion picture experience addressing water safety awareness. Examines water as it is found in oceans, large lakes, rivers, creeks and streams¬. The story is told through documentary photograph, animation and accounts or water accident victims. Fawecett Productions  

Water Ski Driver You're In Charge VHS/15 min.
A look at a day on the water: waterskiing, with tips, rules, and general safety items when pulling a skier. National Safety Council  

Waterskiing VHS/90 min.
  1. BAREFOOT: Starring Brett Wing with Mike Suyderhoud.
  3. JUMPING AND OVERALL SKIING: Staring Sammy Duvall with Mike Suyderhoud.
  4. SLALOM: Starring Bob LaPoint with Mike Suyderhoud.
  5. TRICK SKIING: Starring Cory Pickos with Mike Suyderhoud.

Training Associates


Welcome Paddler VHS/28 min.
An introduction to quiet water canoeing and basic skills. US Canoe Association  

You're in Control and Accept the Responsibility VHS/26 min.
The American Canoe Association has produced both of these clips. They both contain GUIDES TO SAFE PADDLING information used by the National Livery Safety System. American Canoe Association  
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