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PA Boating Handbook
PFBC Lakes & Access Areas
  • Launch permitAny boat, powered or unpowered, using a PFBC lake or access area, must display a current registration or launch permit.
  • Inflatable boats less than 7 feet in length or which are not constructed of durable fabric and do not have at least two separate buoyancy chambers are prohibited.
  • Overnight mooring is permitted if the boat has the current registration. Boats may be moored from April 1 through November 30 at designated areas. Launch permits do not allow these same privileges.
  • The following acts are prohibited on PFBC property:
    • Camping, building or maintaining fires.
    • Picking, cutting or digging flowers, plants, shrubs or trees.
    • Swimming at Commission access areas or in Commission-owned lakes.
    • Leaving trash, garbage or debris, except as placed in containers provided for such purposes and accumulated only during the use of Commission property.
    • Removing or defacing any sign, poster or property.
    • Overnight sleeping in boats, automotive vehicles, tents, campers or the like.
    • Blocking driveways, access roads or launch ramps.
    • Parking in undesignated areas.
  • While on Commission property, dogs must be licensed and under control. When the dog is on a lawn area, trail or parking lot, it must be on a leash not to exceed 6 feet in length. The maximum number of dogs that an owner or handler is permitted to have on Commission property at one time is two. Droppings must be immediately scooped and disposed of off Commission property. The owner or handler is responsible for the conduct of the dog.
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