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Hunters and anglers that use a boat as a platform to hunt or fish must remember that they are boaters too. Often these types of boaters get so involved with their sport they forget to follow all boating regulations, such as proper safety equipment, boating laws and the rules of the road. When fishing from a boat, remember to load your boat properly, remain seated, wear a life jacket and keep an eye on the weather. Never anchor from the stern (back), and stay with your boat if it should capsize.

Hunting from a boat is fun but can be dangerous. Fall weather is changeable and can be deadly for the boating hunter. Water temperatures are typically much colder during traditional hunting seasons. The hunter usually hunts from a small boat with a flat bottom. These boats are poorly suited for rough water. Life jackets appropriate for hunting should be worn at all times. Please be aware of the mandatory cold-weather life jacket wear regulation, effective November 1 through April 30–see Personal Floatation Devices.

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