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Application for Boat Registrations and Documentation Required

The following regulation applies to applications for registrations:

58 Pa. Code § 93.3 Applications for Boat Registrations

(a) New registration. Application for a boat registration for a new boat or a used boat that was not previously registered in this Commonwealth shall conform with the following:

(1) Forms. The owner of a boat desiring registration shall apply on Form REV-336, provided by the Commission. The completed form shall be forwarded to the Fish and Boat Commission, Licensing and Registration Section.
(2) Required information. The applicant shall provide the following information on the application (REV-336) for a boat registration:
(i) The name, mailing address, residence address, phone number, county and zip code of the owner. If there is more than one owner, the principal owner shall be listed first.
(ii) The name of the person from whom the boat was purchased.

(iii) The State registration number, if any, currently assigned to the boat.

(iv) The hull material, such as, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass or other.

(v) The full Hull Identification Number (HIN).

(vi) The make, model and year built, if known.

(vii) The length of the boat in feet and inches.

(viii) The type of propulsion, such as, outboard, inboard sterndrive or unpowered.

(ix) The type of fuel, such as, gas, diesel or other.

(x) The primary usage such as, pleasure, rental/livery, manufacturer/dealer/jobber, commercial passenger, and the like.

(xi) A certificate of ownership. For initial registration in this Commonwealth this shall be supported by title, bill of sale, a completed PFC-734 "Statement of Purchase" or other positive proof of ownership.

(xii) The date the applicant completed the form.

(xiii) The signature of the owners and certification, under penalty of law, that they are the owners of the boat and that the information contained in the application is true and correct.

(xiv) Complete Sales and Use Tax information.

(xv) The date of birth of the primary registrant.

(3) Manufacturers, jobbers or dealers. Paragraph (2)(iv)--(x) and (xvi) do not apply to manufacturers, jobbers or dealers.

(4) Boat rental business. Paragraph (2)(viii) and (ix) does not apply to a boat rental business if a motor is not rented with the boat.

(5) Incomplete or incorrect applications. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be processed until completed and may be returned by the Commission to the applicant or issuing agent.

(b) Renewals. Only Forms PFBC-730a and PFBC-733 shall be used to renew registrations of boats which are being kept by the same owner. If the registration has lapsed, the owner shall obtain Form PFBC-730a or PFBC-733 from the Licensing and Registration Section of the Commission to renew the lapsed registration.

(c) Previously registered boats. Application for a certificate of registration for a boat previously registered in this Commonwealth shall conform with the following:

(1) Form REV-336 shall be completed by the purchaser and seller and signed by the last registered owner.

(2) A bill of sale, signed by the last registered owner, may be substituted for the required signature on REV-336.

(3) If the registered owner of a boat to be transferred is deceased, the personal representative (executor/administrator) of the decedent shall sign Form REV-336 for the deceased owner. The personal representative shall indicate his capacity with his signature and shall provide documentation--an original death certificate and letters testamentary, letters of administration, original short certificate, court order filed under small estates procedures or Form PFBC-T8--certifying his capacity to act on behalf of the decedent's estate. An original death certificate is not required if Form PFBC-T8 is signed by the attending physician or funeral director. If the boat registration is to be transferred from joint ownership, when one of the joint owners is deceased, the other joint owner shall present the original death certificate to effect the transfer.

(4) When an applicant seeks to register a boat having an expired registration and the last registered owner has not signed the REV-336 or bill of sale because the applicant is not the seller of the boat, the Commission will, prior to processing the application for registration, notify the last registered owner at his last known address that the applicant is seeking to register the boat. If the last registered owner claims an ownership interest in the boat and objects to the transfer of the registration to the applicant, the Commission will defer further processing until the parties resolve the ownership issues through established civil processes. If the last registered owner does not object to the transfer or fails to respond to the notice after 30 days, the Commission may process the request for registration if it is otherwise satisfied that the applicant is the true and lawful owner of the boat and entitled to registration.

(d) Transfer of registration to new boat. The holder of a valid Pennsylvania registration certificate on a boat previously owned by the holder may transfer the registration certificate for the remainder of the original boat's registration period to a new boat upon payment of the transfer fee for multiyear registrations as set forth in the code and submission of a complete Form PFBC R-4. If the registration fee for the new boat is greater than the registration fee for the old boat based on the length of the boat, the applicant shall also pay the difference between the registration fees for the new and old boat. The applicant shall submit the certificate of registration for the old boat and certify that the validation stickers have been removed from the old boat at the time of transfer. The old boat's number shall remain with the old boat, and the new boat shall be issued a new number unless it was previously numbered in this Commonwealth.

Proving Ownership of Your Boat for Initial Registration

§ 93.14. Proof of ownership for initial registration.

(a) Proof of ownership for initial registration shall be established by a manufacturer's certificate of origin indicating transfer of ownership from the manufacturer, distributor or dealer to the applicant if the boat was manufactured after January 1, 1993. When registering a new boat for the first time, the original manufacturer's certificate of origin shall be attached to the Form REV-336 and submitted to the Commission.

(b) If a manufacturer's certificate of origin is not available, proof of ownership shall be established by one of the following:

(1) A bill of sale or invoice executed by the seller showing the following:
(i) The name and address of the seller.

(ii) The name and address of the purchaser.

(iii) The name and address of the legal owner.

(iv) The location, date of sale and description of the boat, including the hull identification number if the boat was built after October 31, 1972.

(v) Any other serial number on the boat if it was built prior to October 31, 1972.

(2) A properly endorsed document indicating title if the boat has been registered and issued a title by another state.

(c) If neither a manufacturer's certificate of origin nor the documents described in subsection (b) are available, the applicant shall submit an executed Form PFBC-734 (Affidavit of Purchase/Ownership) fully setting forth the facts to support the applicant's claim of ownership in the boat. Applications seeking to prove ownership of homemade boats shall be supported with bills of sale for the major components of the boat. Affidavits are executed under penalty of law.

(d) A manufacturer, dealer or other person may not sell or otherwise transfer a new watercraft to a dealer for the purposes of display or resale without delivering to the dealer a completed manufacturer's certificate of origin. A dealer may not purchase or acquire a new watercraft without obtaining from the seller thereof the manufacturer's certificate.

(e) This section applies to initial registration of a boat. It does not apply to registration of boats previously or currently registered in this Commonwealth.

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