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Recipes taken from PA Angler & Boater Magazine
Pike Chili Sep/Oct 2016
Stuffed Roasted Bass Fillets Jul/Aug 2016
Shad Quiche May/Jun 2016
Trout Hash with Fried Eggs Mar/Apr 2016
Cornmeal-crusted Yellow Perch Nuggets with Homemade Tartar Sauce Jan/Feb 2016
Baked Steelhead with Roasted Tomato Sauce Nov/Dec 2015
Musky and Vegetable Skewers with Tarragon Vinaigrette Sep/Oct 2015
Grilled Smallmouth Bass with a Cherry and Nectarine Salsa Jul/Aug 2015
Apricot and Ginger Glazed Crappie Topped with Chopped Pistachio Nuts May/Jun 2015
Trout, Asparagus and Caramelized Red Onions Baked in Puff Pastry Mar/Apr 2015
Bluegill Phyllo Pastries with Greek Style Dipping Sauce Jan/Feb 2015
Baked Pike with a Mushroom Duxelle Crust Nov/Dec 2014
Catfish and Pasta Sep/Oct 2014
Largemouth Bass Baked in Soy Sauce with Fried Rice Jul/Aug 2014
Shad Frittata May/Jun 2014
Crispy Trout with Onions and Creamy Scrambled Eggs Mar/Apr 2014
Sautéed Walleye on a Bed of Ratatouille Jan/Feb 2014
Walleye Cheeks Nov/Dec 2013
Roasted Pike with a Savory Topping Sep/Oct 2013
Bass Lasagna Jul/Aug 2013
Bluegill Club Sandwich with Homemade Tartar Sauce May/Jun 2013
Rainbow Trout Fillets with Crisp Skin Mar/Apr 2013
Crispy Tempura Battered Panfish Strips Jan/Feb 2013
Trout and Broccoli Pasta Nov/Dec 2012
Seared Pike with Citrus Segments Sep/Oct 2012
Grilled Bass with Valentina Sauce and Grilled Onions Jul/Aug 2012
Panfish with Grilled Nectarines May/Jun 2012
Gratin of Trout, Baby Potatoes and Asparagus Mar/Apr 2012
Panfish Chowder Jan/Feb 2012
Puff Pastry Patty Shells with Basil Pesto Mayonnaise and Poached Trout Nov/Dec 2011
Chipotle-dusted Pike Fillets with Pinto Bean Stew Sep/Oct 2011
Catfish Wraps Jul/Aug 2011
Panfish Skewers May/Jun 2011
Panfried Rainbow Trout Steaks with a Blueberry Sauce Mar/Apr 2011
Sesame-Crusted Perch with an Oriental Dipping Sauce Nov/Dec 2010
Crispy Catfish Burgers Jul/Aug 2010
Italian Style Baked Walleye May/Jun 2010
Springtime Trout with Fresh Morel Mushrooms Mar/Apr 2010
Blue Gill Fried Rice Jan/Feb 2010
Roasted Smallmouth Bass with Cranberry-Orange Sauce Nov/Dec 2009
Rainbow Trout Pate Sep/Oct 2009
Grilled Largemouth Bass with Herb Yogurt Jul/Aug 2009
Roasted Walleye with Strawberry Salsa May/Jun 2009
Rainbow Trout with Brown Butter and Lemon Mar/Apr 2009
Hearty Smallmouth Bass Stew with Pasta Jan/Feb 2009
Perch Chowder Nov/Dec 2008
Baked Trout on a Gratin of Vegetables Sep/Oct 2008
Lemon Largemouth Bass Pasta Salad Jul/Aug 2008
Roasted Walleye with Herb Vinaigrette May/Jun 2008
Trout Over an Open Fire Mar/Apr 2008
Panfish Cakes Jan/Feb 2008
Green Chili Walleyes Nov/Dec 2007
Crispy Seared Trout Steaks Sep/Oct 2007
Grilled Smallmouth Bass Jul/Aug 2007
Smoked Trout & Scrambled Egg Crepes Mar/Apr 2007
Zingy Lime Panfish Fillets Jan/Feb 2007
Sunfish Stew Nov/Dec 2006
Crappies-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich Sep/Oct 2006
Walleyes with Olive Tapenade Jul/Aug 2006
Caeser Salad with Lemony Smallmouth Bass May/Jun 2006
Baked Trout with Lemon and Dill Mar/Apr 2006
Largemouth Bass with Veracruz Sauce Jan/Feb 2006
Greek-Style Baked Walleyes Nov/Dec 2005
Baked Smallmouth Bass with Sweet Chili Sauce Sep/Oct 2005
Pan-fried Lake Trout Dusted in Mushroom Flour Jul/Aug 2005
Baked Walleyes May/Jun 2005
Crispy Fried Trout with Mango Slices Mar/Apr 2005
Baked Yellow Perch Jan/Feb 2005
Roasted Steelhead Nov/Dec 2004
Musky Lobster Sep/Oct 2004
Pan-fried Yellow Perch with Ginger Butter Jul/Aug 2004
Grilled Striped Bass with a Tomato-Onion Sauce May/Jun 2004
Trout Stuffed with Mushroom and Spinach Mar/Apr 2004
Maple Orange-Glazed Panfish Jan/Feb 2004
Sweet-and-Sour Baked Walleye Nov/Dec 2003
Baked Trout with Orange Zest Sep/Oct 2003
Cornmeal-Breaded Panfish Fillets Jul/Aug 2003
Panfish Pie Jan/Feb 2001
Walleye Stir Fry May/Jun 2000
Poached Rainbow Trout Mar/Apr 2000
Sauger Florentine Jan/Feb 2000
Baked Stuffed Walleyes Nov/Dec 1999
Brown Trout Gratin Sep/Oct 1999
Oven-Roasted Catfish Jul/Aug 1999
Bluegill Crepes May/Jun 1999
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