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Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Magazine
May / June 2010
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Feature articles
Paddling for Pocono Pickerel by Chris Gorsuch
Justus Lake–A Hidden Jewel of Venango County by Darl Black
Pack-in Fishing in a PA State Forest by John Allen
Wade-to Smallmouth Bass by Jeff Knapp
This Article Could Save Your Life by H. Bumper Bauer
Southeast Largemouth Hotspots by Vic Attardo
Looking Forward to the Catfish Derby by Jennifer Bilott
Susquehanna River Sojourn by Mike Bleech
Outfitting Your Fishing Kayak by Carl Haensel
The Art of Fish, Frogs, Snakes and Salamanders by Linda Steiner
The Dark Olive Spinner by Charles R. Meck
Special features
2009 Deputy Waterways Conservation Officers of the Year
Reel In and Recycle by J. Samantha Burton and Kristina Henderson
Field Studies of the Timber Rattlesnake and Bog Turtle by Deborah Weisberg
Recap of 2009 Pennsylvania Boating Accident Fatalities by Dan Martin
Regular features
Straight Talk by Executive Director John Arway
Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn
Notes from the Streams
Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel
Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush
Cast & Caught
On the cover
This issue’s cover features Mitchell Lefebre. Mitchell is the son of Dave and Ann Lefebre. Prior to being on tour, Dave used to fish Justus Lake regularly each year, because it was possible to catch large numbers of largemouth bass. When it comes to fishing, Mitchell is a chip off the old block. Photo by Darl Black.
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