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Feature articles
Tidal Delaware Largemouth Bass by Vic Attardo
Trolling for Walleyes: Three Methods by Mike Bleech
The Greenway to Good Fishing by Linda Steiner
River-Reading Basics by Cheryl Hornung
A Slate Drake by Charles R. Meck
Outboard Jet Preparation by Chris Gorsuch
Hybrid Fish by Linda Steiner
River Herring Return to the Susquehanna by Karl Blankenship
Fallfish by Jon Farley

Special features
Wetlands: The Vital Link by Walt Dietz
All in the Family: Walleye, Saugeye, Sauger poster
SMART Angler's Notebook by Walt Dietz
2000 Photography Contest Results
2001 PFBC Photography Contest Rules and Entry Form
Recap of Year 2000 Pennsylvania Boating Fatalities
Inside the Trout Stamp Competition

Regular features
Protect Conserve Enhance
Commission Update
Casting Around
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
WCO Diary by WCO Dave Kaneski
PFBC Products & Publications
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

May/June 2001 issue
Volume 70 Number 3

On the cover

The walleye fishing shot on this issue's front cover was photographed by Doug Stamm.


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