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November/Decemer 2001
Volume 70 Number 6

On the cover

This issue’s cover shows PA angler Anthony Workosky with a steelhead he caught in Walnut Creek. Joe Workosky took the photograph.

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Feature Articles
A Fish and Livestock Tale, by Karl J. Lutz
Tactics for Tailwater Trout, by Vic Attardo
Finding Smallmouth Bass in Lakes and Rivers during Fall, by Mike Bleech
In the Wake of Giants: Pennsylvania's Natural Lakes, by Linda Steiner
Captain Jeremiah Driscoll and The Commodore Perry, by Jay M. Osman
Index to PA Angler & Boater Volume 70 (Jan/Feb 2001 thru Nov/Dec 2001)
Steelhead on a Dry Fly, by John Deegan Jr.
Where to Store Your Boat, by Thomas M. Kane
An Olive Caddis, by Charles R. Meck
TMDL: New Way to Clean Waterways, by Karl Blankenship
Avoiding Troubled Waters, by Guy Bowersox
Look Up for Better Fishing Experiences, by Art Michaels
Special Features
All in the Family: Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass Poster
2001 PFBC Photography Contest Rules and Entry Form
Regular Features
Protect *Conserve* Enhance
Casting Lines with Dave Wolfe
Diary of a WCO
SMART Angler's Notebook, by Walt Dietz
Cast & Caught
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen, by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook, by John Farley

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