Six Ways to the Sea

When precipitation falls onto the land, it soaks into the ground or runs off. Gravity pulls the water that runs off into channels or streams. These little streams flow into bigger rivers or lakes. That water eventually flows into even bigger waterways-oceans. The land this water flows from is called a watershed. The rain that falls on Pennsylvania goes to the ocean six different ways. That is because there are six major watersheds in Pennsylvania.

Actually, the water eventually ends up either in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. It gets there by way of six different watersheds. Those watersheds are Lake Erie, Ohio River, Potomac River, Genesee River, Susquehanna River and Delaware River. Water falling on Pennsylvania leaves by one of those watersheds. All but Lake Erie are drained by large rivers. The six major watersheds include smaller watersheds. Label the rivers on the map above, the six major watersheds, and their contributing smaller watersheds.

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