March/April 2000 issue   Volume 69/Number 2

On the cover
This issue's cover shows (large photo) the Henzler family's trout fishing success, along with great catches by (clockwise from top right) Jason Shelly, Kevin Cooley, Zachary Ambrose and Taylor Garman, and Nathan Krawzyk.

Feature articles

Small Crankbaits for Trout by Vic Attardo
The Complete Spinfishing Trout Angler's Vest by Mike Bleech
A Burnt-Wing Blue Dun by Chauncy K. Lively
The Swatara Creek Water Trail by Jo Ellen Litz
The New Outboard Engines by Alex Zidock Jr
Memories of Seven Points by Dale R. Hartman
Boating on the Lower Allegheny River by Jeff Knapp
Habitat and the Brook Trout by Walt Dietz
Bioblitz! by Karl Blankenship

Special features

PFBC Annual Report Executive Summary and Financial Statement
Spring PLAY Newsletter
PFBC Staff Directory
2000 Trout Stamp Artwork Poster
Year 2000 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities by Tom Greene
Year 2000 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule
Year 2000 PA Fish & Boat Commission
   Photography Contest

Regular features

Protect Conserve Enhance
Commission Update
Casting Around
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
PFBC Products & Publications
SMART Angler's Notebook by Carl Richardson
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley
Cast & Caught

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