May/June 2000 issue   Volume 69/Number 3

On the cover
This issue's front-cover brown trout
was photographed by Barry & Cathy Beck.


Feature articles

Going to the Mat with Shad by Vic Attardo
Get Down and Dirty for Spring Trout by Mike Bleech
A Foam-Bodied Humpy by Chauncy K. Lively
Lehigh River American Shad: The First Six Years
by David A. Arnold
Tying Youth to the Outdoors by Valerie Pettigrew
Seven Top Lures for Bluegills by Gerald Almy
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Fish Conservation by Karl Blankenship
Clarion River Trout and Bass by Jeff Knapp
Take a Kid Wild-Trout Fishing by Don Feigert
Canoes for Pennsylvania's Twisty Streams by Cliff Jacobson
York County Wonderland by Mark Demko
Shoreline Fishing at Conewago Falls by Robert H. Miller
Recap of 1999 PA Fatal Boating Accidents by Dan Martin

Special features

Lehigh River Water Trail by Sue Ann Alleger
Migratory Fish Restoration by Carl Richardson
Photo Contest Tips by Art Michaels
Photo Contest Order Form

Regular features

Protect Conserve Enhance
Commission Update
Casting Around
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
PFBC Products & Publications
Notes from the Streams
Cast & Caught
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

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