Feature articles

The Fall Walleye Turn-on by Mike Bleech
Bony Plates and Barbels by Art Michaels
Smallmouth Bass Lakes in the East by Vic Attardo
The How's and Why's of Fishing Regulations by Linda Steiner
Boating's Surprising Effect on the American Economy by Greg Proteau
Do's and Don'ts for Crowded Launch Ramps
Up-and-Down Smallmouth Bass by Jeff Knapp
14 Tackle Tips by Lou Elkes
The Zebra Midge by Charles R. Meck
Future Climate: Cloudy for Some Fish? by Karl Blankenship

Special features

PA's Threatened and Endangered Fishes by Walt Dietz
Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest
Fall PLAY Newsletter
The Schuylkill River Water Trail by Dixie Swenson
Photo Contest Tips by Art Michaels

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Protect Conserve Enhance
Commission Update
Casting Around
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
PFBC Products & Publications
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

September/October 2000 issue
Volume 69 Number 5

On the cover

This issue's front-cover smallmouth bass was photographed by Doug Stamm. Also on the front cover are pictures of the new state-record brown trout (photographed by Charles Evans) and crappie.


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