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Fishing in Philadelphia by Vic Attardo
Rigging for Drifting by Mike Bleech
Lehigh River Court Case Tests "Navigability" by Linda Steiner
How to Use a VHF Radio by Thomas M. Kane
Small-Stream Work by Cliff Jacobson
Summertime on French Creek's Upper Reaches by Kevin Phillips
Summer Crappie Tactics by Gerald Almy

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Summer PLAY Newsletter
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Allegheny River Wilderness Islands Water Trail by Janeal Hedman
"Can I Get There?" by Heidi Milbrand
Photo Contest Tips by Art Michaels

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Protect Conserve Enhance
Commission Update
Casting Around
SMART Angler's Notebook by Carl Richardson
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
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Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

July/August 2000 issue
Volume 69 Number 4

On the cover

This issue's front-cover striped bass photograph was taken by Vic Attardo.
The fish was caught in the Philadelphia portion of the Delaware River.


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