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This issue's front cover shows an angler working a stream section in northwest Pennsylvania. When we're out fishing, we don't always think of the enhancement efforts that go in to making a stream better both for fish and for anglers. In this issue, the article "Who's Getting Things Done in Berks County?" by Terry Brady, on page 43, is a thorough look at the teamwork that needs to occur to make things happen. In fact, the Berks County work is a model for waterway enhancement.

The cover photo was taken by Linda Steiner.

September/October 1999 issue -- Volume 68/Number 5
Feature articles

Crankin' for Walleyes by Mike Bleech
Southcentral PA's Autumn Trout Hotspots by Robert L. Petri
Eastside Story: Capital Waters Smallmouth Bass by Vic Attardo
Caddisflies by Karl Blankenship
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
Enhancing Outboard Jet Performance by Chris Gorsuch
A Pseudocloeon Nymph by Chauncy K. Lively
Who's Getting Things Done in Berks County? by Terry Brady
The Mahoning Watershed's Wonderful Fishing by Jeff Knapp
Allegheny River Diary by WCO Bill Martin

Special features

Angler Award Program
2000 Seasons, Sizes and Creel Limits Poster
Fall 1999 PLAY Newsletter
Commission Update

Regular features

Protect Conserve Enhance by Peter A. Colangelo
SMART Angler's Notebook by Laurel Garlicki.
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

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