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Allegheny River

Allegheny River Diary. WCO Bill Martin. Sep/Oct 99, page 54.

American Shad, Shad Fishing

Tips for Early and Late Shad Fishing. Vic Attardo. Mar/Apr 99, page 10.

Amphibians, Reptiles

Amphibians in Crisis? Linda Steiner. Nov/Dec 99, page 44.

Poaching and the Illegal Sale of Reptiles and Amphibians. Karl Blankenship. May/Jun 99, page 26.

Seeing Spots: The Northern Leopard Frog. Andrew L. Shiels. Jan/Feb 99, page 58.

Aquatic Education

Pond and Stream Study Guide. Jan/Feb 99, page 49.

Bass, Largemouth, Smallmouth

Bass in the Slow Lane. Vic Attardo. Jul/Aug 99, page 6.

Eastside Story: Capital Waters Smallmouth Bass. Vic Attardo. Sep/Oct 99, page 16.

Give Me a Break for Lake Erie Smallmouths. Mike Bleech. Mar/Apr 99, page 44.

Late-Fall River Smallmouth Bass. Vic Attardo. Nov/Dec 99, page 10.


Ace Cards for Canoeing Big Water. Cliff Jacobson. Mar/Apr 99, page 34.

All About Bilge Pumps. Alex Zidock Jr. May/Jun 99, page 18.

All About Gasoline. Alex Zidock Jr. Jan/Feb 99, page 28.

Boat Hull Design. Alex Zidock Jr. Jul/Aug 99, page 16.

Building a Mobile Boat Maintenance Kit. Jeff Knapp. May/Jun 99, page 52.

Collecting Mahogany Masterpieces. Terry Brady. Mar/Apr 99, page 20.

Enhancing Outboard Jet Performance. Chris Gorsuch. Sep/Oct 99, page 24.

Fixing Fiberglass Canoes and Boats. Cliff Jacobson. Jul/Aug 99, page 18.

Getting the Most from Your 9.9HP Outboard. Jeff Knapp. Nov/Dec 99, page 33.

Jetboat Success. Chris Gorsuch. May/Jun 99, page 42.

Outboard Engine Maintenance. John P. Kaufman. Jan/Feb 99, page 44.

Selling Your Canoe. Cliff Jacobson. Nov/Dec 99, page 26.

Sonar and Fish Finders. Alex Zidock Jr. Nov/Dec 99, page 24.


Caddisflies. Karl Blankenship. Sep/Oct 99, page 20.

Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

Caution: Fishing May Be Addictive. Mar/Apr 99, page 37.

Delayed Seasons. May/Jun 99, page 47.

Ice Palaces. Nov/Dec 99, page 23.

Imagine. Jan/Feb 99, page 32.

Overlap. Sep/Oct 99, page 23.

Seed, The. Jul/Aug 99, page 55.

Catfish, Catfishing

Fishing Patterns for Flathead and Channel Catfish. Mike Bleech. Jul/Aug 99, page 35.

Fish, Fishing

Circle Hooks. Seth Cassell. May/Jun 99, page 48

Great Fall Fly Fishing Memories. Charles R. Meck. Nov/Dec 99, page 6.

Fishing Traditions. Dudley Parr. May/Jun 99, page 40.

Top Fishing Prospects for 1999. Mike Bleech. Jan/Feb 99, page 6.

Fishin' from the Kitchen

Baked Stuffed Walleyes. Wayne Phillips. Nov/Dec 99, page 62.

Bluegill Crepes. Wayne Phillips. May/Jun 99, page 62.

Breaded Rainbow Trout. Wayne Phillips. Mar/Apr 99, page 62.

Brown Trout Gratin. Wayne Phillips. Sep/Oct 99, page 62.

Hazelnut-Crusted Crappies. Wayne Phillips. Jan/Feb 99, page 62.

Oven-Roasted Catfish. Wayne Phillips. Jul/Aug 99, page 62.

"Fishing and Boating Memories Last a Lifetime" Contest Winning Entries

Home Waters. Brian E. Wagner. Mar/Apr 99, page 31.

Lake of a Lifetime. S. James Miller. Jan/Feb 99, page 30.

Fishing Stories

"The Day I Didn't Catch a Shad." Terry Brady. Jan/Feb 99, page 43.

Flies, Fly Tying

Black Ghost, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Jan/Feb 99, page 46.

Breadcrust, The. Chauncy K. Lively. May/Jun 99, page 24.

Golden Stone, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Mar/Apr 99, page 57.

Pseudocloeon Nymph, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Sep/Oct 99, page 30.

Squiggly Leech, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Nov/Dec 99, page 42.

When Torn and Tattered Flies Work Best. Charles R. Meck. May/Jun 99, page 34.

Which Fly Should I Use Today? Charles R. Meck. Jan/Feb 99, page 24.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie Surprises. Linda Steiner. Jul/Aug 99, page 41.

Mahoning Watershed

Mahoning Watershed's Wonderful Fishing, The. Jeff Knapp. Sep/Oct 99, page 48.

Nockamixon Lake

Nockamixon: Best It's Ever Been. Vic Attardo. Jan/Feb 99, page 10.


Progress with Paddlefish Restoration. Dudley Parr. Jan/Feb 99, page 13.

Panfish, Panfishing

Eastern Pennsylvania's Panfish Pleasures. Vic Attardo. May/Jun 99, page 6.

Seldom-Seen Sunnies. Rob Criswell. May/Jun 99, page 14.

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

1999 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities. Tom Greene. Mar/Apr 99, page 43.

1999 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule. Mar/Apr 99, page 49.

2000 PA Trout/Salmon Stamp and Print Competition. Jul/Aug 99, page 52.

2000 Seasons, Sizes and Creel Limits Poster. Sep/Oct 99, page 32.

Abele Memorial Glen, The. Terry Brady. Nov/Dec 99, page 14.

Angler Award Program. Mar/Apr 99, page 19; and Sep/Oct 99, page 29.

Boating Courses and Boating Safety Certificates. Jan/Feb 99, back cover.

Commission Staff Awards. Mar/Apr 99, back cover.

Daily Trout Limit Set at Five Beginning in 2000. Sep/Oct 99, page 60.

Day at the Hatchery. Walt Dietz. May/Jun 99, page 60.

Economics of Fishing and Boating in Pennsylvania, The. Tom Ford. Mar/Apr 99, page 32.

Fish Salvage at Tamarack Lake. Richard A. Snyder. Nov/Dec 99, page 37.

Index to Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Volume 68. Nov/Dec 99, page 53.

Line of Duty, The. Jay Osman. Jul/Aug 99, page 11.

New Federal Funding Proposal for Wildlife. May/Jun 99, back cover.

PFBC Annual Report Executive Summary and Financial Statement. Mar/Apr 99, page 13.

PFBC Directory. May/Jun 99, page 55.

PFBC Photography Contest. Nov/Dec 99, page 52.

PFBC Strategic Plan Summary. Mar/Apr 99, page 15.

PFBC Waterways Conservation Stamp. Jul/Aug 99 and Sep/Oct 99, back cover.

Rebirth of a Trout Stream. WCO Christopher D. McDevitt. Nov/Dec 99, page 22.

Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp. Bill Porter. May/Jun 99, page 17.

Trials and Tribulations of a Rookie. WCO R. Vance Dunbar. Jan/Feb 99, page 53

Who's Getting Things Done in Berks County? Terry Brady. Sep/Oct 99, page 43.

PLAY Newsletter

Fall 1999 issue, Sep/Oct 99, pages 35-42 (Why Fish Need Trees, Aquatic Leaf Eaters, Aquatic Insect Word Search, Gimme Shelter, Protecting Trees, Parts of a Hook, Strainers).

Spring 1999 issue, Mar/Apr 99, pages 23-30 (Spring Cleaning, Supermarket Baits, This Fish Has a Scale to Tell, Spin-Cast Rod or Spinning Rod: Which is Best for You, Tool Box, Catch and Release, Carmen Fishiego).

Summer 1999 issue, Jul/Aug 99, pages 27-34 (Beautiful Bufo, Fish Get Sick Too, Fish Parts, Tool Box, Pocket First Aid Kit, Casting Cans, Carmen Fishiego).

Winter 1999 issue, Jan/Feb 99, pages 33-40 (Is the Ice Safe, Ice Safety Chart, Focus on Habitat: Largemouth Bass, Which Lures Imitate Which Real Bait, ENA or ELPA).

Pollution Abatement

Reclaiming Schuylkill County Streams. Robert L. Petri. Jan/Feb 99, page 17.

Protect-Conserve-Enhance by Executive Director Peter A. Colangelo

Breaking Ground for the Future. Jul/Aug 99, page 2.

Clock Ticks, The. Nov/Dec 99, page 2.

Conserve 2000. Jan/Feb 99, page 2.

Fall 1999 Concerns. Sep/Oct 99, page 2.

"Green" Hatchery Initiative. Mar/Apr 99, page 2.

Growing Greener Requires Raising Greenbacks. May/Jun 99, page 2.

SMART Angler's Notebook

Clams and Mussels. Laurel Garlicki. Sep/Oct 99, page 34.

Dino-Fish. Carl Richardson. Jan/Feb 99, page 23.

Safe Fishing Checklist. Heidi Milbrand. May/Jun 99, page 30.

Snails. Laurel Garlicki. Nov/Dec 99, page 57.


Steelhead Techniques for Lake Erie Tributaries. Tim Trainer. Nov/Dec 99, page 30.


Shortnose Sturgeon. Karl Blankenship. Nov/Dec 99, page 49.

Trout, Trout Fishing

Allegheny River Trophy Trout Fishing. Mike Bleech. May/Jun 99, page 10.

Elk County Trout Streams. Robert L. Petri. May/Jun 99, page 20.

Minnows for Trout. Mark A. Nale. May/Jun 99, page 31.

Opening Day in Northeast PA. Robert L. Petri. Mar/Apr 99, page 6.

Southcentral PA's Autumn Trout Hotspots. Robert L. Petri. Sep/Oct 99, page 11.

Summer Trout. Robert L. Petri. Jul/Aug 99, page 22.

Trout: More Than Just a Fish. Linda Steiner. May/Jun 99, page 36.

Trout Unlimited

TU and Pennsylvania Trout: More Than a Trout Club. Linda Steiner. Mar/Apr 99, page 38.

Walleyes, Walleye Fishing

Crankin' for Walleyes. Mike Bleech. Sep/Oct 99, page 6.

Just a Jig & Minnow. Mike Bleech. Nov/Dec 99, page 19.

Lower Allegheny River Warm-Weather Walleye Tactics. Jeff Knapp. Jul/Aug 99, page 47.

Modern Walleye Patterns. Jeff Knapp. Jan/Feb 99, page 20.

"Writing Readers"

The Big One I Never Caught. William W. Phillips. May/Jun 99, page 29.


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