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This issue's front cover shows an angler working a stream in northcentral PA. The crisp air and hungry fish at this time of year can spawn some surprisingly good action. Along these lines, see Charlie Meck's article on great fall fly fishing memories on page 6. And speaking of memories, check out the PFBC Photo Contest information on page 52.

The cover photo was taken by Barry & Cathy Beck.

The inset photograph was taken by Tom Greene.

November/December 1999 issue   Volume 68/Number 6

Feature articles

Great Fall Fly Fishing Memories by Charles R. Meck
Late-Fall River Smallmouth Bass by Vic Attardo
The Abele Memorial Glen by Terry Brady
Just a Jig & Minnow by Mike Bleech
Rebirth of a Trout Stream by Waterways Conservation
Officer Christopher D. McDevitt
Casting Lines with Dave Wolf
Sonar and Fishfinders by Alex Zidock Jr
Selling Your Canoe by Cliff Jacobson
Steelhead Techniques for Lake Erie Tributaries
by Tim Trainer
Getting the Most from Your 9.9HP Outboard by Jeff Knapp
Fish Salvage at Tamarack Lake by Richard A. Snyder
The Squiggly Leech by Chauncy K. Lively
Amphibians in Crisis? by Linda L. Steiner
Shortnose Sturgeon by Karl Blankenship

Special features

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
Photography Contest
Index to Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Volume 68
(Jan/Feb 1999 Through Nov/Dec 1999)

Regular features

Protect Conserve Enhance
SMART Angler's Notebook by Laurel Garlicki
Notes from the Streams
Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips
Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

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