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Volume 68 Number 3

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May 1899 on Penns Creek was a simpler time. Young and old alike gathered there to wait for the fish train and the stocking of trout. The partial view on this issue's cover, from the original oil painting by George LaVanish, depicts that era in Commission history. It's the 1999 Trout/Salmon Permit. Fine art limited-edition prints of the Trout Stamp are available from the Commission's publisher, Wilderness Editions, RR 1, Box 73, Warriors Mark, PA; phone: 814-632-7645.

The complete Trout Stamp can be viewed by clicking on the painting below.

Train car

May/June1999 Table of Contents
Protect Conserve Enhance by Peter A. Colangelo


Eastern Pennsylvania's Panfish Pleasures by Vic Attardo

Allegheny River Trophy Trout Fishing by Mike Bleech

Seldom-Seen Sunnies by Rob Criswell

Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp by Bill Porter

All About Bilge Pumps by Alex Zidock Jr.

Elk County Trout Streams by Robert L. Petri

The Breadcrust by Chauncy K. Lively

Poaching and the Illegal Sale of Reptiles and Amphibians 

by Karl Blankenship

Writing Readers by William W. Phillips

SMART Angler's Notebook by Heidi Milbrand

Minnows for Trout by Mark A. Nale

When Torn and Tattered Flies Work Best by Charles R. Meck

Trout: More Than Just a Fish by Linda L. Steiner

Fishing Traditions by Dudley Parr

Jetboat Success by Chris Gorsuch

Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

Circle Hooks by Seth Cassell

Cast & Caught

Building a Mobile Boat Maintenance Kit by Jeff Knapp

PFBC Directory

Notes from the Streams

Day at the Hatchery by Walt Dietz


Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips

Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

New Federal Funding Proposal for Wildlife

Collage of pictures

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