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March/April 1999

Volume 68 Number 2

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Fish Culturist Edward W. Michaels (no relation to editor) prepares a Big Spring Fish Culture Station shipment of brown trout for stocking. For more information on what's getting stocked where and when, turn to the Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule on page 49. The photo was taken by Art Michaels.

Note: Your March/April 1999 issue will arrive a little late so that we can include in that issue the 1999 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule.

Protect Conserve Enhance by Peter A. ColangeloCollage of photos


Opening Day in Northeast PA by Robert L. Petri

Tips for Early and Late Shad by Vic Attardo

PFBC Annual Report Executive Summary and Financial Statement

PFBC Strategic Plan Summary

Angler Award Program

Collecting Mahogany Masterpieces by Terry Brady

Spring PLAY Newsletter

"Memories Last a Lifetime" Contest Winning Entries

The Economics of Fishing and Boating in Pennsylvania by Tom Ford

Ace Cards for Canoeing Big Water by Cliff Jacobson

Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

TU and Pennsylvania Trout: More than a Trout Club by Linda Steiner

1999 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities by Tom Greene

Give Me a Break for Lake Erie Smallmouths by Mike Bleech

1999 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule

The Golden Stone by Chauncy K. Lively

Notes from the Streams


Fishin' from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips

Angler's Notebook by Jon Farley

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